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Footprint Free Static HTML & WordPress PBN Hosting. 100% Safe Private Blog Network Hosting! Clean, Secure & Cheap!

Super Fast, Footprint Free Static HTML or WordPress PBNs Launched In Seconds.

Enjoy fast secure cloud hosting for your private blog networks. Stop using out of date c-class IP hosting! You have no reason to be sharing dirty IP’s & bad neighbourhoods any more. Why take the risk!?

Instead use our next generation CDN driven PBN hosting. Built on 5 top tier CDNs. Now your PBNs can be completely disguised in the safest neighbourhoods on clean IP’s.
Giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Knowing that your link networks are not at risk. Thanks to our best PBN hosting solution.

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You Just Need To Add The Domain & Content. Our PBN management Dashboard will do the rest.

Add your PBN domain in one easy click. WordPress or a Static HTML account is automatically installed for you. One click and your straight in your WP admin, File Manager or Database.

Fill out your content. Add your PBN links and your all done. Our PBN dashboard offers full one click installs. Always ensuring you get absolutely zero hosting footprints.

With built in automatic WordPress Posting & scheduling. You can add your content & scheulde it to post to your PBN’s automatically.

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Best In Class PBN SEO Hosting. No Dirty IP’s, Footprints or over sold cheap VPS servers here!

Traditional A/B/C-Class IP’s seo hosting is a thing of the past. If your still using it, your putting your sites at seriously high risk! No PBN should be using this type of hosting anymore. Its dangerous!

Dirty IP’s shared with 100’s or even 1000’s of other SEO or PBN websites. Putting yours at risk everytime. Instead use our best in class next generation SEO PBN hosting to securly host your websites without any risks at all.

With PBN LTD Hosting. You get the safest & cheapest PBN hosting there is.

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Discover Why Our PBN Hosting Is the Best

When it comes to private blog network hosting. Or any other bulk hosting requirements. Eliminating footprints is essential. Other providers of PBN Hosting fall majorly short on this. Watch our Video to discover why the safest place to host your Private Blog Networks, is right here with PBN.LTD!

Unique scientific algorithm

The only private blog network hosting that is protected by the worlds most advanced scientific algorithm! Enjoy a level of protection for your PBN blogs thats is years ahead of any other solution on the market.

Data Driven Science

Since 2004 we have been crawling millions of PBN websites. Detecting footprints, de-indexing and monitoring them against more than 200 different factors. We know what networks get detected & how to stop yours falling foul. Therefore, providing you with the worlds safest private blog network hosting!!!

Automatic Protection

Our advanced scientific algorithm runs automatically in the background. Crawling the sites you host with us & configuring footprints to ensure your private blog networks remain undetecable. A truly unique scientific algorithm provides your private blogs with the ultimate level of protection automatically.

Truly Footprint Free

Unlike other pbn hosting providers. We do not simply remove hosting footprints & claim its footprint free! As its NOT natural to have all your backlinks from websites without any form of standard footprint. Which is why our scientific algorithm balances your networks footprints automatically in the background.

Best PBN hosting provider

We hold the world’s largest set of scientific data relating to private blog networks. With this scientific data, we are without a doubt the best pbn hosting provider. No other company comes close to the level of knowledge & protection that our automatic algorithm gives you. Worlds safest private blog host!

Watch our PBN Hosting intro video

Worlds First Science Driven PBN Hosting Solution

Watch our introduction video & learn more about our PBN hosting platform. Discover why ours is the worlds safest PBN hosting platform that money can buy! Only Private blog network hosting backed by scientific algorithm

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World Class Pbn Hosting solutions

Launch CDN WordPress hosting or Static HTML spots in seconds! Totally footprint free! Hosted on a diverse set of cloud hosting. With no common footprints between them. You can enjoy sites faster than most people’s money sites!

PBN.LTD is the only PBN SEO hosting, that is backed by scientific data. Making the magic behind our dashboard the best in class by a very long way. We implement extensive scientific research in to our dashboard automatically. Moreover, this makes our PBN hosting the best in the world. As its a totally unique scientifically driven platform, with the sole purpose of keeping your PBN websites safe & undetectable.

Private blog networks, should not be hosted on second rate platforms. What you get from us here at PBN LTD. Is top spec cloud hosting for your PBN’s. Fast, secure and built for WordPress & Static HTML. Ensuring your links are indexed fast. Never offline when google comes crawling!

Our PBN dashboard provides full management for all your websites & Domains. Includes built in Majestic SEO metrics at no additional costs. Packed full of management features. All aimed to keep things simple, fast and problem free. We are one of the few PBN hosting companies, that include FREE daily backups for all your websites. Ensuring your hard work is protected fully

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Rapid One Click WordPress install seo rankings

Features of our PBN Hosting

Our PBN Cloud Hosting solutions. Ensures your kept away from bad neighbourhoods and dirty IP’s. With our PBN management dashboard. You put your private blog networks. Up in the cloud and hide them out in the open, between millions of real non pbn websites. Zero footprints & total safety!

Completely Natural Hosting Profile

Host your sites on totally clean & safe dynamic IPs. Provided by the biggest names in Web Hosting. Backed by varied DNS services & 5 top tier CDNs. You PBN domains will now be hosted on millions of dynamic IPs. These IPs are shared with the largest websites in the World. Therefore, ensuring you get totally clean IPs and the best neighbourhoods in the world for your PBNs to live in.

Leave out of date dangerous Seperate IP hosting behind. Enter the revolution of next generation PBN hosting.

Your PBN websites are deployed automatically to different CDN data centres across multiple grade A providers. Leaving the origin IP totally hidden. Thus ensuring the hosting profile of your PBN network is kept completely natural. PBN LTD uses the biggest, most reliable names in the CDN industry for your PBN Websites. Between them they host millions of websites & handle 80% of the total daily internet traffic!

Moreover, this ensures your Private blog network, remains totally hidden from algorithmic detection! Hiding your PBN network in the cloud amongst millions of natural sites. Ensures your network stays protected and footprint free. You get the best PBN hosting. With all hosting footprints 100% removed for you.

One Click Blog Installations

Deploy Static HMTL or WordPress to your new Domain with one quick click of a button. Once you click that button, our PBN hosting magic gets to work. Having your new PBN website, Up & running without any hosting footprints to worry about.

Our PBN dashboard and the system behind it. Has been totally built from the ground up, by UK web engineers. Ones that don’t only understand hosting, but they understand PBN’s as well! Which is why we have been able to build the best PBN hosting solution.

Now you can get your HTML or WordPress PBN Blogs up and running in double fast time. Leaving you to focus on spending your time on other things. Leaving all the technical side of PBN hosting to us.

All your WordPress blogs auto update as well. Ensuring you always have the latest, most secure versions of your CMS. Totally on autopilot. Giving you not only peace of mind, but freeing up your time, once more.

You can deploy your PBN domain, install WordPress or static HTML space from one simple screen. Select is you want SSL, www. or not. Enter the domain details and select your CDN & DNS provider. Click the button and watch like magic whilst your PBN website is automatically built in seconds. Ready for you just update your Name servers to the ones given & build your PBN wesbite.

Hide it in the Cloud

All blogs are deployed automatically with CDN protection fully enabled. Ensuring the real IP of your website never leaks to Google or other search engines. Giving a total added layer of security to your network in every way possible.

We also use the DNS/Nameservers provided by these services & other gigantic DNS providers. Therefore completely hiding your Private Blog Network secretly in the cloud. Not only do CDN’s providers cover you with the DNS, but they also will ensure your PBN sites are even faster. Ensuring Google laps up those links like never before.

Your private blog networks are totally safe & will remain completely undetected. Our unique scientific algorithm automatically runs in the background! Watching, checking, balancing and calculating the footprints, server signuates and 104 other footprints, before you have even added the domain for it.

Not only is your Private Blog Network hosted in the cloud with added security. And lighting page load speeds. But we have a double fail safe against downtime. Therefore, your PBN websites will be online at least 99.99% of the time. We do not put your PBN sites on cheap oversold VPS. Instead they are hosted on mulipule unique cloud banks.

Launch your CDN powered PBN Hosting service today with PBN LTD.

Featured Packed PBN Hosting

Built from the ground up. Using every element of our vast experience with Private Blog Networks. Our PBN Hosting is designed to be the safest totally footprint free PBN Hosting on the planet. You can even run any type of CMS you need. You are not limited to just one or two options with us.

Build a Killer Link Network

Using PBN LTD’s dashboard, you can build a stealth link network. Rocketing your rankings. Our fast reliable hosting ensures your crawl rates are maximised and all your outbound links are quickly indexed and take effect. Enhancing your PBN seo as you go.

Maintenance Free Blogs

Our PBN Hosting Dashboard will keep all your WordPress PBN blogs and associated plugins fully up to date. So totally hands off upkeep, saving you endless hours. Whilst at the same time keeping your PBN websites secure. If for any reason you need to stop auto updates. Then you can select on a site by site basis, to disable the function.

Underloaded Servers

Generous server space for every Blog. Unlike other PBN hosting providers, we do not cram our servers full of sites. Instead we offer everyone generous, unlimited & reliable PBN hosting space,

Instant Scalability

Scale your Private Blog Network up or down instantly. Quickly change your PBN hosting packages inside our Hosting App to scale your network at any time.

Footprint Free PBN Hosting

We take care of all the server jargon, DNS, MX records and more. To ensure your private blog networks hosted with us are 100% footprint free. Safety and longevity is our number one focus.

Fast WordPress & Static HTML Optimised Servers

All our web servers are optimised for WordPress or Static HTML. Not only increasing speed, but also increasing security. Your PBN blogs automatically deploy with absolute security in place.

Only Pay For What You Need

No Longer do you need to be locked in to packages with more domains than you need! Here at PBN LTD you can upgrade or downgrade at any time from the self service portal. Unlike other PBN Hosting providers, our prorated billing. Means you only pay for what you use. Our PBN WordPress Hosting scales up and down with your needs.

Built In Seo Metrics

For no extra charge. All domains you host with PBN LTD, are assessed for SEO Metrics. We display inside our dashboard Majestic SEO metrics for all your domains, at no additional costs. With regular updates to all metrics, you can track the progress of your network and make early detection of any issues with your domains. Saving you hours of manual checking and the costs of additional monthly subscriptions as well!

Free SSL Certificates

Our hosting is SSL enabled! You can launch your PBN blog in seconds with Free SSL Certificates on as many domains as you need. All for no additional costs. One click selection to deploy your domain to our hosting with SSL enabled. Our SSL’s are tweaked to ensure no footprints are created when using them.

Large Choice Of CDN’s

You can select from a very large range of big name CDN providers. We provide one click selection when your adding any domain to our hosting panel. We have configured the CDN’s not only to ensure your websites are protected from Footprints. But also to ensure the best security and speed for your websites.

Unrestricted Bandwidth & Disk Space

PBN LTD does not restrict the amount of Bandwidth or Disk Space for each of your hosting spots. Giving you more room for images, videos and building out more natural looking PBN websites.

30 Day No Quibble Refund Policy

If you are not happy with our PBN hosting services in the first 30 days of being a customer with us. We will refund your entire payment no questions asked.

Daily Backups & Instant Restores

Your sites are kept extra safe. All our PBN hosting plans include free daily backups to a secure location. Ensuring if anything was to happen, you have everything nice and safe. In our hosting app, you have access to download the backups for extra piece of mind, as well as instant once click restores of any backup created by us.

Free SEO Advice From Experts

PBN LTD is owned by true SEO professionals. Over 20 years of working in the most competitive niches in the world. Providing persistent world beating results. All our customers get free advice as needed. Our advice is scientifically backed & totally personalised. Drop us a support ticket from inside the dashboard!

One Click Change Domain

Sometimes things happen and you need to scrap a domain and use a different one. PBN LTD Hosting provides you with one click domain name change on any PBN hosting account, eliminating the need to move the website. Instead you can just change the Domain at any time from within our control panel.

Unique Email Solution for each PBN website

PBN LTD offers a solution to be able to receive any emails submitted by web forms. A simple, effective solution to ensure you can use the webforms as they where intended. All forwarded to your chosen email address. Without any Footprints of course! We can also add 3rd Party MX records or provide you with free email inboxes upon request.

Read more about our Email solutions for your PBNs here.

Multiple DNS Providers

Your PBN sites will use the DNS provided by gigantic providers. We randomly select DNS for your websites, if there is not a default set by that provider automatically. Giving the largest possible variation to your PBN network. Using the same DNS as millions of real sites.

Free Migrations to our PBN hosting

If you have sites stuck on lesser or more expensive PBN hosting platforms. You have PBN sites that you need moving to your new PBN hosting account. All you need to do is drop us a support ticket from inside your dashboard & our migration experts with get the process started. Its totally free!

Complete scientific algorithm protection

Protection for your private blog networks like no other! With an advanced AI algorithm running in the background, your networks are scanned, balanced and auto protected to ensure they remain truly foot print free. Moreover, our unique scientific algorithm ensures your network will automatically meet the highest level of protection again detection. Based on the worlds most extensive scientific blog network data.
No other PBN hosting provider can give you the same level of protection for your PBN’s that we do!

100000’s of dynamic IP’s for your PBN websites

Break away from out of date C-class IP hosting & the high risks that come with them. With our PBN hosting you get 100000’s of clean dynamic IP’s for your PBN websites. The same IP’s host millions or genuine real money sites. Ensuring your Private blog networks are totally hidden amongst real world (non seo) websites. STOP using out of date SEO hosting & instead enjoy our next generation PBN hosting service. Totally clean IP’s & perfect neighbourhoods for your sites! We give you all this at the cheapest prices in the industry.

Automatic WordPress Post Scheduler

Built in to our PBN Dashboard. Is an automatic WordPress post scheduler. You add the content, select the site & category to post to. Set the time & date you want it to post. And it will run like magic & post to your Private blog networks automatically!
Our complete wordpress post mangerment feature. Is included in our PBN hosting at no extra costs!

Read more about our WordPress post manager & scheduler here.

Temporary URL’s

Start Building or migrating your PBN websites. Even before you have updated the Nameservers on the domain! No more waiting for DNS to resolve, before you can get your work started. When you have added your domain to our PBN hosting Dashboard. You can access all your sites features instantly. Ensuring your work flow is fully optimised, without any downtime. As soon as your DNS is resolving to our system. These temporary URLs disappear.

Read more about using our Temporary URLs here.

Change your URL structure

If you have an existing PBN website. And you need to change the url structure of it. For whatever reason. You can do it in one simple step. You can add or remove the www. sub domain. Or even add or remove Https:// from it. Furthermore, these changes can be made in seconds. Without loosing any existing website posts or other data. A useful feature of our best PBN hosting

Read more about how to change your URL structure here.

Bulk Domain Adding & Deployment

Add multiple domains at once. Simply use our bulk upload function. In one simple step, you can add all your domains and deploy WordPress or Static HTML hosting accounts for them all at the same time. A massive time saver when you need to batch add PBN Domains. Cutting down the usual time consuming hosting setup. Saving hours of your time. This makes setting up your PBN Hosting a really fast process.

Easy Export of all your PBN data.

If you need to export your data outside of our dashboard. For example, to share with work colleagues your WordPress logins for some sites. Or for use in your own spreadsheets etc. You can use our very simple export feature to do so. With just one simple click you can easily export all the important data relating to the websites you have hosted with us. Ready for you to use and organise as required.

Automatic Indexing Check of all domains

All your PBN domains hosted with us. Are automatically checked to see if they are in the Google index or not. Giving you peace of mind, as well as allowing you to instantly see if any domains may have an indexing issue. And therefore need futher investigation. We will also send you an alert should any of your domains suddenly drop out of the Google index. 

Read more about Automatic Google index Checks for PBN websites here.

Built in domain contral and whois Data

Built in to our PBN Hosting Dashboard. Is whois data for every domain you add. So you can easily check and compare your PBN Domains registration data. Furthermore, our system will automatically notify you. When any of your domains are due to expire. Therefore, ensuring you never overlook your PBN domains renewal again. No matter if you are running a small or large private blog network. Oversights can occur. PBN LTD ensures you are automatically notified of all upcoming PBN Domain renewals. Ensuring, disater is overted before it occurs.

Full ability to group your sites as you need

As your network grows, you maybe need to add your PBN Domains in to various different groups. In our dashboard you have a fast and easy site grouping function. Which enables you to put your PBN sites in to any group you create. Making keeping track of and Managing your sites, domains and networks, a very straight forward and pleasurable experience.

PBN Hosting for any CMS or Script you need

By default our PBN hosting solutions. Provides instant WordPress or Static HTML accounts. However, upon request we can provide you with a solution for any CMS. Including Joomla, Mangento, Drupal, Prestashop etc etc. You just need to ask! You can read more about our solutions for other CMS here. You can even get a WordPress staging area if you need one!

Block bots or not. Your choice

If you want to stop your Private Blog Networks showing up in the main seo tools. Then you can use our built in plugin to stop all bad bots and seo crawlers. Instead of forcing the option on you. With our PBN Hosting Solution, you get to choose if you want to block them or not on a site by site basis. Stop other people from seeing your PBN Backlinks anytime you want.

Built in FREE Domain Checker

As a massive bonus to our PBN Hosting customers. You get a built in PBN domain checker. That will allow you to run any domain though the Majestic SEO database, at no additional cost! Moreover, you can also make your own personal domain lists and store the domain you have ran with notes as needed. 

Built in Automatic Malware Scans

It is super important to protect your Private Blog Networks from Malware. Not only can it harm your websites, but it can also effect on the domains reputation.  Bringing unwanted attention to it. Included in all our PBN hosting packages. Is free automated Daily Malware Scans. If Malware is detected, we will notify you in the dashabord. And we even include a full list of infected files.

Mass Search & Replace

From inside the Hosting Dashboard. You have access to a mass database search and replace function. This allows you search though all, or just the sites you select databases. Replacing any string you need. This could be used to replace anchor texts, urls, keywords or anything at all you need to replace. And best of all, you can replace it on multipule sites all at once. Without even needing to access the WP admin or Database.

Bulk install WordPress Plugins

You can install any plugin from the WordPress reposity, directly from the dashboard. And best of all, you can do it in bulk. You can simply select the plugin and install it to all of your sites. Or just select the sites you need it installed on. And the dashboard takes care of the rest. Fast Bulk installs of plugins is sure to save you a lot of time. A very useful feature I am sure you will agree.

Blueprints – PBN Templating System

Built in to our PBN Hosting dashboard. Is a very unique Blueprints templating system. Which allows you to set up an unlimited number of unique PBN templates. You can set up any combination of Templates, Plugins etc. Then save the website as a Blueprint. You can then reuse this customised template on any new sites you add to the Dashboard. Just by simply selecting it when doing so. This allows you to create your own unique combinations and reuse them super faser. An excellent feature of our WordPress PBN hosting.

You can read more about our Blueprint Templating System here.

Email boxes for every domain

For no additional charge. You get email boxes for every domain you add to the hosting dashboard. With a full set of email features to compliment. Including the ability to create an unlimted amount of @domain email accounts. Furthermore, you also get features such as forwarders, spam filters, send only emails and much more! Having email accounts for all your Private Blog Network websites. Allows you to utilise an @domain email address for all manner of different use scenarios. Something that you are sure to find extremely useful indeed.

Add Custom TXT records to any domain

Add any custom @TXT records to any of your domains. Sometimes you need to add your own TXT records. One prime example is adding a Google Search Console Verification record to your domains DNS records. You can easily do this yourself from inside our Dashboard, by simply adding the custom TXT record. Having full control over your TXT records, is an extremely useful function to have. And we provide the ability to do it from inside our PBN Hosting Dashboard!

You can learn how to add them in this Knowledge base article.

Built In OutBound Link Tracker

Now you can easily see which websites you are linking out to. And from which PBN website! Moreover, you can also see the anchor text you have used and how many times you have used it.
Furthermore, you can adjust the anchor text or URL of the backlink in just one click! Straight from inside our PBN dashboard! If that was not cool enough already. You can even delete a single backlink, selected backlinks or all the backlinks to that website in one click! Our PBN backlink tracker is a fantastic feature. And its included free of charge with our PBN Hosting services. This is a really hot feature for sure.

You can read more about our backlink tracker and editor here.

PHP Version Selector

Select the version of PHP you need for your PBN. Choose from the latest versions. Or if needed, an older version if your blogs need it. You can select the PHP version when adding a new site, or edit an existing one to change the PHP version in one click.

Zero Deindexation Rate!

The only PBN hosting backed by scientific data!

PBN.LTD’s hosting service is a long way from that of just another PBN hosting company! Our service is backed by the worlds leading scientific data on PBN networks. We have been tracking 100’s of thousands of PBN network websites for nearly 20 years. Therefore, gathering extensive data on real footprints, algorithmic changes & deindexing footprints.

The knowledge we have about Footprints inside your PBN is world leading. Making us the safest PBN hosting provider in the world, by a very long way. We are the only true zero footprint hosting provider in the world. Your PBN websites are automatically setup to the perfect hosting setup. Thus ensuring that your network is inline with the worlds most undetected PBN networks in existence.

Other hosting providers for PBN networks, have a idealistic view of what footprint free is. Where as, has the scientific data on what zero footprints really are. In short, this means we know exactly what to do to ensure your websites are hosted in the best possible way. PBN LTD doesn’t just sell hosting either, we have our own vast PBN networks online. Unlike other companies out there, that sell hosting but have never even built their own PBN Networks!

PBN LTD Hosting understands every little element of Private Blog Networks in real life situations. This, coupled with our extensive scientific data, has allowed us to create a PBN hosting product that eliminates all important footprints, not just the easy ones. These are literally always missed by other PBN hosting companies. Moreover, they give no thought to automatic lowering of the actual blogs footprints, unlike us. Why? Because they do not have scientific data or PBN experience outside of hosting and some fancy words.

PBN LTD is different, we understand everything about PBN hosting services inside out & have a network in excess of 20000 PBN websites & counting! This is why to date we are the only PBN hosting that can truly say we have a 0% deindexation rates of PBN’s built to our recommended standards and hosted with us. The fact is, there simply is no safer PBN hosting you can buy than ours!

Read why we are the safest!
Safe PBN hosting

A Few Interesting Facts

A few things about our PBN hosting that we wanted to share with you.
You can read even more Facts about PBN hosting here.

De-indexing Rate!




PBN LTD provides the cheapest PBN hosting for WordPress & Static HTML blogs. Here is an example of the costs of some of our PBN Hosting packages. We have many more available on our prices page! Despite the false claims of other companies, we have the cheapest prices of any PBN hosting providers. We do it without cutting any corners! Therefore, ensuring you get the best value for money possible.



Hosting for 3 x PBN Domains

7 Day Free Trial!

No Card Needed!

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Hosting for 5 x PBN Domains

Only $6! Per Month

Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

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PBN 25

Hosting for 25 x PBN Domains

Only $30! Per Month

Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

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PBN 100

Hosting for 100 x PBN Domains

Only $120! Per Month

Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

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PBN 500

Hosting for 500 x PBN Domains

Only $500! Per Month

Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

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PBN 1000

Hosting for 1000 x PBN Domains

Only $1000! Per Month

Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

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Flexible Payment Methods

We have fully automated payment methods to suit everyone. From Card to Crypto currency.


You can pay for your PBN Hosting & any of our PBN services. Using just about any Crypto currency there is. Just select the Crypto option at checkout.


Using Fastspring you can pay on just about any credit or debit card. Visa, Mastercard and more options await you. Just select FastSpring as your payment option.


You can select PayPal at the checkout as your preferred way to pay for our Private Blog Network Hosting. Simply Select PayPal as your payment option at checkout.

Only The Best For Your PBN’s

Our customers get to enjoy the best brands for their PBN as standard.

CloudFlare CDN for Private blog networks
Bunny CDN powered PBN hosting
CDN driven PBN hosting
Protect your PBN with Global CDN protection
WordPress PBN hosting
Cloud DNS
Frequently asked questions

Effective, CMS, Static HTML & WordPress PBN Hosting

As well as being feature rich, fast, secure and without footprints. PBN LTD Hosting also comes without the normal restrictions put on you by PBN providers. We do not block plugins or restrict access to your websites like other hosting providers do!

Our WordPress & Static HTML PBN SEO hosting is more like money site hosting for your private blog networks! Often faced with juggling too many balls or is the? information overflow? blurring your priorities? You are not alone. High performance organisations and professionals use our PBN tools and techniques to stay ahead of the competition. You should too.

PBN.LTD’s hosting maps your PBN networks automatically in the background. Just like a Visual Mind. What you have is a powerful software, based on the mind mapping technique. Through a mind friendly and simple to use interface. You can visualise your thinking and quickly arrange and organise your PBN website work. Try it today.

We can provide PBN hosting for any type of CMS or script you need to run your Private Blog Networks on. You can read more about hosting other CMS website here.

What Are The Account Limits?

We do not limit disc space or bandwidth in general You can host videos etc as needed.

What Niches Are Allowed?

We support all legal niches. There are no restrictions outside of this.

Do You Provide PBN Help/Advice?

Yes we provide FREE personalised seo & pbn advice to all paying customers!

Can You Migrate My Websites To Your Service?

Sure! PBN.LTD provide FREE migrations to our servers. Just put in a ticket!

View More FAQ’s

Sign Up! Protect your PBN’s Now!

We are here to help you with your PBNs

Sometimes its nice to have someone experienced you can ask for help, advice or just to get some peace of mind. Which is why you have unlimited access to our PBN experts for free.

Get Free Help & Advice

Remember all our customers can get free personal SEO & PBN advice & help from world-class experts if required! But its not just any old advice! It comes from the Worlds #1 SEO Scientists! You have never had better support for your PBN than you have when you become our customer!



As well as our best in class PBN Hosting. We also provide a full array of complimentary PBN services. Which are available exclusively to you. Provided by true professionals. Who understand PBN Networks and everything that goes with them, like no one else. Unlike other providers. These additional services, are provided to ensure you get the best. And gain from our vast world class experience & knowledge.

PBN Domains

Purchase from us truly super powered PBN Domains. At the best prices in their class. We can provide the highest quality, of clean and indexed PBN domains that would normally cost your thousands. For less than an average expired PBN Domain! These are not your average PBN domains thats for sure!

PBN Links

No one understands PBN Links better than we do. We offer you the very rare chance. To purchase the strongest PBN Links available on the market. Placed in PBN Networks built for massive corporations. With proven aged ranking power, you just can not buy anwyehre else!

PBN Website Builders

PBN.LTD can provide you with a best in class PBN Building Service. Ensuring your PBN websites are built to the best modern standards. Taking care of both onsite footprints and website link power distribution along the way. You will get to benefit from our tricks. Ensuring you get the best built PBN!

Free of charge

WordPress Plugins Included

As well as exceptional hosting. We also make fantastic WordPress Plugins. And we include some with your WordPress installations as standard.

WordPress Tranzly translator

Tranzly IO Translator

Transly is a light weight SEO ready translator for WordPress. It uses a deep learning AI translation API. That can translate your WordPress webpages, products and more! In to 10 different languages.

Excellent for those building private blog networks in foreign languages, but want top quality!

Page Builder Sandwich

Page Builder Sandwich

A very useful WordPress page builder. Its lightweight framework packs a big design punch.

Its totally unobtrusive! Meaning, not only will it not break your website. But it also wont leave any footprints! It works with any template as well! Perfect for fast building of your PBN’s!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Impressive hosting service. Love the fast installs and maintenance free running. My pbn building is now a much easier task all round. The seo metrics feature is also very helpful.

Alan Smith

Ceo – Bluetech web

Best uptime of any pbn hosts we have used. Very good value for money. Really clear, fast deployment. Sites are fast to build out as well thanks for the decent servers they are put to.

Lisa McDonald

Ceo – Scottish SEO Agency

I like the fact its not overun with useless features that add no productivity to my pbn. Instead I get cheap hosting that is well focused on keeping my sites under the radar.

John Docker

Ceo – Infinity Systems

Learn & discover more about our PBN hosting & PBN seo.

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Crypto SEO Services

Best practices for ranking your Crypto related websites in Google

Discover the best practices for ranking your crypto related websites in Google. Including how to get expert help to boost your rankings!

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Everything you need to know about ranking a casino or gambling niche website

Learn how to rank a casino website and how expert seo services can assist you in getting rankings in this stiff competition market.

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What Is White Hat SEO & Why Is It Good For Google Rankings

Discover everything you need to know about White Hat SEO. Including why using White Hat SEO backlinks can really increase your rankings safely.

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Is Black Hat SEO Illegal

Is Black Hat SEO Illegal?

It is often asked if Black hat SEO is illegal. We shed light on both the question and the answer in this post.

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Best WordPress Page Builder Sandwich

Best WordPress page Builder

Using the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins. Will Allow you to build really nice looking landing pages fast. And without needing to know any coding!
For PBNs its important to ensure you use one that is lightweight and does not create footprints. Here we show you which WP Page Builder plugin is the best for your PBNs.

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