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Adding MX records to your PBNs

Adding MX records to PBNs

Can you add custom MX records to 3rd party mailboxes on your PBN sites? We provide a footprint free mail system, where as you can use forms on your PBN sites and any entries will be passed through to the Feedback email you enter when adding a site to our system.

However, a small few people require a physical mailbox attached to their PBN domain. The best way to do this is to use a 3rd party email provider that also handles the DNS.

Here is a useful post about some of the 3rd party email providers. But if you run a search in Google, you will find many more as well.

How to get the MX records added to your domain.

Once you have created the accounts and set up your 3rd party email provider. You will be able to retrieve the MX records needed from your chosen provider. All you need to do then, is put in a support ticket requesting we add those MX records to your domains DNS that you have hosted on our PBN hosting platform.

Of course if you are going to use external MX on several domains in the same part of your network. Please make sure you think very well about the footprint and vary the providers very well. So you are not creating a massive footprint. If you stick to the bigger providers, then of course you can use them on more of your sites as needed.

Using this solution is a great way of adding real working email to your domains, so you can send/receive mail from it, like you would on standard money site hosting.

If you want any advice about this. Feel free to reach out and ask me!

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