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Are PBNs safe

Are PBNS safe

Despite some of the things you may have read. PBNs are extremely safe to use. In fact, I would go as far as to say. They are the absolute safest form of SEO there is. Why do I say this you may wonder? Let me give you some key points as to why PBNs are super safe to still be using.

Firstly, you control the whole link network. Every element of it. Anchor text, placement, velocity etc. Meaning is super easy to plan, get do follow links, balance your link profile and so forth. You can ensure you’re getting the highest possible quality backlinks to your websites in every way possible. You can make edits, changes & tweaks as and when you want to.

Secondly, the content these PBN backlinks are coming from. You yet again control every element of it. Moreover, you control the topic of it fully. Crafting all your PBN websites in to outstanding high quality websites. Being totally relevant to the niche your trying to rank in. Making 100% certain that your content is excellent, further increasing the link equity coming from the links you put on these posts or pages.

Thirdly, not only do you control the backlinks you place to your websites from inside the PBNs. But you control the backlinks to them as well. You select your PBN domains to ensure a quality backlink profile. You can when needed. Further increase their backlinks. Making your domains even stronger. But at the same time ensuring that quality remains top.

Finally, you do not need to worry about other site owners damaging their sites from which you have links from. You know exactly what is going on, what changes are being made. You control everything! For example, you could have 500 backlinks from different non PBN websites. But what happens when the owners of those sites start doing some bad SEO? You end up with a link from a bad neighbourhood &/or low-quality website.

When you use your own Private Blog Networks (PBN). You get every advantage of being in total control and totally remove the risk of what others are doing to their own sites. In my opinion this makes PBN’s the safest thing you could be using right now! Think about it logically. What is better, a link network your fully in control of. Or one where your relying on other people to keep the quality up for you? I can tell you the one you control is a million times better!

Some people like to tell you PBNs are against Google rules. Well yes that is true. But they never seem to put it in to context properly. Any SEO you do and link you place with the sole aim to rank your website is against Google rules lol! If you call your local SEO guy this very moment and ask him to rank your website for you. That too is against Google rules. As anything you do, with the sole purpose of manipulating your placements in the search results is against Google rules.

We have a saying here in England. Which goes ‘you just as well hang for a sheep than a lamb’. It’s never been truer when it comes to using PBNs to rank your websites! PBN is not only the sheep, it’s the shepherd, his farm and the lamb! Why waste time and effort on other methods, when right in front of you is the most effective SEO method there is!

Some people say PBN seo is black hat. I never have understood this ‘hat’ nonsense in any event. White hat, black hat, grey hat. What a load of rubbish really. There is seo that works and seo that does not, there is no hats to be given out in the middle of it. PBNs work very well and will remain to do so for the long term. This whole hat talk in SEO, is just some way of categorising the styles used. It means nothing, has no real definition and is just the normal seo companies trying to scare customers away from the real deals.

You hear people talk about their pbns getting busted and de-indexed. This only ever happens if you have built them wrong. Created massive footprints of shitty content, bad design, layouts and used reckless out bound linking strategies. Or hosted them in an unsafe manner. Its like saying hey, 1 in every half a million condoms split, so we better stop using them! Just utter nonsense really. If you build them right, you will never see any form of de-indexing. If you are a customer of our PBN hosting. We will give you all the help you need for free. Ensuring your pbns are built to perfection every time.

So yes PBN’s are extremely safe to use, when you follow the simple guidelines on how to build them and use them. They will kill your competition off in the serps and rank websites like you have only ever seen in your dreams. With absolute certainty I can tell you, PBNs are the best short and long term seo strategy you will ever have in your arsenal of ranking tools. I have seen people wastes thousands on junk seo and not seen the first 10 pages. But then spend half that amount on PBNs and see the results they set out to get.

Anyone that tells you PBNs are not safe, is an idiot really and needs to take his head out of his arse. When I read on someone’s website that PBNs don’t work or are not safe to use. It doesn’t matter what else is on their site, what they have posted about or what they are selling. I would never be interested as I can tell straight away this moron doesn’t know what they are speaking about! The only hat these people have on is that of a clown. Really silly people that just do not understand SEO or the power of PBN. I know many people/businesses who totally dominate their niches, using only PBNs!

To sum things up for you:

  1. Do not listen to any idiot that tells you PBNs don’t work or are not safe to use. They are very wrong!
  2. PBNs are super safe when built correctly.
  3. PBNs are not only safe, they are the most powerful SEO tools you ever have.

If you need help or advice about building your PBN. Remember we are here to help you get it right and can advise you on all areas of SEO & PBN’s. We do not charge you for this service. All our customers get personalised assistance to ensure you succeed.

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