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Best redirect plugins for WordPress & why you should use one for your PBNs

best 404 redirect plugin for Wordpress

In any website build. Ensuring you handle the 404 errors is important. Not just for catching link juice that may otherwise be lost. But also for giving a great user experience.

When it comes to building a PBN, its even more important. As you do not want to loose any cent of link juice that flows to your PBN Domains. So properly redirecting any old URLs is essential. Therefore, ensuring you retain all the link power that you can.

If your domain has a lot of strong links going to inner pages. Then its always best PBN SEO practice to rebuild the URL where possible. But if there are just a few links to various pages. Moreover, just to ensure you have missed nothing. You are best to use a good WordPress 404 plugin to catch it all properly.

The 404 plugins I would recommend you to use.

If you just want to catch a few links and just want to install a redirect plugin to make sure you capture everything fully. Which I would always suggest you to do anyway.

Then there is no need to set up a complicated solution. You are best just use the All 404 redirect to Home Page plugin.

The simple one step setup of all 404 redirect plugin

It is extremely lightweight and easy to install & configure. It works really well and is fully compatible with our WordPress PBN hosting of course. Although the name of the WordPress Plugin would indicate it can only redirect to the Homepage. This is not true. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can enter any URL you want.

Its not always best to redirect everything to the Homepage. This can be seen as bit spammy and cause issues. So you are best to redirect it to an inner page or better still. A blog Category page or the main blog page where possible.

If you need a more granular redirect plugin for more detailed redirects.

If you are for example, rebuilding strong inner pages. But the URLs of them are not possible to match in WordPress. Maybe the old URL was something.php or .asp. Then you need to redirect these urls to the new ones inside of WordPress. For this purpose there are some really good redirect plugins that can be used. Moreover, they can also be set to handle 404 errors. As well as redirect one url to a new one.

The best of all of these has to be the Redirection Plugin. Its is easy to use, reliable and can handle complexed redirects for more experienced users.

Wordpress Redirect Plugin Screeshot
A screenshot of the Redirects Plugin

Using this WP plugin will make it easy for you to redirect a url on a 1-2-1 basis. So its very useful when rebuilding older pages with strong links on them. Furthermore, it is extremely useful for those of you that rebuild a PBN using the wayback machine. As it allows you to match the old urls to the new ones with ease.

With this redirect plugin you can also monitor 404’s. Therefore you can see if you are missing any good ones to redirect to another page. All in all a very good plugin for all manner of redirection requirements.

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