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Best Security Plugin for WordPress

Best PBN security Plugin for WordPress

It is always wise to install a security plugin on your WordPress websites. It is even more important to do so on your PBNs. Keeping your PBNs Safe as you go. I have over the years tried and tested many different WordPress security plugins. Although there are several that are extremely effective. Some of them I think would be overwhelming to non-technical users. Some have literally 100’s of options and sub-options and they can easily become a bit confusing for less experienced users. Moreover, for those that do not understand threats and security features. It can be a bit of a mine field working through them. Also some can cause conflicts with other security you have running elsewhere e.g. at server level or on a CDN provider such as Cloudflare.

Although there are many that are good. For me there is one that stands out from the crowd. My Personal favourite is All Is One WordPress Security Plugin.

You can find it listed here:

In my experience this is the best for blocking common threats & stands the test of time. Its well worth installing it on your PBN Hosting websites always. I strongly advise that you do it.

Why I love this Security plugin.

  1. Easy to install
  2. Easy to Setup
  3. Advanced features but very easy to configure
  4. Causes no conflicts
  5. Very stable & glitch free plugin
  6. Offers an excellent layer of security for your WordPress websites.
  7. Simple export of you setup, that can then be imported into another site in seconds. Saves tons of time when installing on a PBN or larger WordPress site network.

Something you need to be aware of.

There is only one thing you need to be aware of with this plugin. There is one important setting in the plugin that you must not ever activate! It will cause your blog to not be indexed in Google!

Best WordPress security plugins for PBN websites
Screen shot of the security plugin option.

This setting you can get to by selecting Firewall from the WP Security menu & then selecting the internet tab at the top. The option is named ‘Block Fake Googlebots’.

What ever you do, you must leave this box unchecked. As it appears it will block some Google Crawlers and it will stop your site from being indexed or it will drop out the index. I had a massive indexing issue on some PBN sites at one point and it was traced back to this setting. So, whatever you do don’t activate this feature.

But besides this, its an excellent plugin and the one I advise you install on your PBNs always.

Learn more about the plugin and watch their video overview.

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