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Beware of CloudFlare 100MB Maximum upload limit!

Beware of Cloud Flare maximum upload limits

People very often do not realise it. But when you are using CloudFlare CDN on your websites. You will be restricted not by us, but by the standard CloudFlare Upload limit of 100mb.

If you are wanting to upload a large file (100mb or larger) and you have selected CloudFlare as your CDN provider. Its still possible for you to upload the big file. But first you will need to put in a support ticket to us, so we can put the temporary workaround in place for you. Once you have then uploaded your large file, let us know and we will remove the workaround. As its not secure to leave it place long term.

So if you are intending on uploading large templates, migration achieves or anything like this. Just remember it is possible to use CF and still upload a file in excess of 100mb. You just need to let us know in advance so we can enable it for you.

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