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Blueprint System – Reusable PBN Templates

Blueprints System - Reusable PBN website templates

We are very proud to introduce our new Blueprint templating system. Which allows you to build your own unique PBN Templates and then reuse them on any sites. You can build an unlimited amount of Blueprints and create any combination of Template, Plugins, Widgets, Menus, Customisations etc you desire.

You can then simply reuse them for any new sites you create on our PBN Hosting. This is an excellent feature, that is sure to save you a lot of time when building PBNs. As you only need to do the initial setup once, then reuse the blueprints on any new sites. Furthermore, the PBN Blueprint Templating system allows for you to make as many variations as you need. So you can generate several if needed, to ensure your footprints are kept low.

How does the Blueprint PBN Templating system work?

Its actually very easy. Moreover, is it fully built in to our dashboard. Here is how you do it.

Step One:

Configure the site you want to make as template. You just need to set the site up with all the combinations of things you want to be included in the template. You can set up any custom templates, site modifications and plugins etc. Furthermore, you can even go as far as to configure widgets, menus, blog categories, pages etc. You can include as much as you need in each blueprint.

Step Two:

So now your blueprint website is all setup. Now its time to turn it in to a blueprint! You just need to go in to the main site overview screen. Click the main site functions menu. And select ‘Create Blueprint’ from the options listed. You can see this in the screenshot below.

How to create a template Blueprint for your PBNs.
How to create a Blueprint from your existing website.

Once you have done this, you can now head over to the main Blueprint tab from the main dashboard view. Where you will see all your created blueprints. From this screen. You can edit the name, delete & add notes to your existing Blueprints. You can also hit the create site button, to add a new PBN site using that blueprint. See screenshot below of main Blueprints Overview Screen.

Blueprints overview screen

Step 3:

Now you can use them on any new sites you add! You can use the create a site function as shown in the screenshot above. Or you can just select the name of your blueprint template on the usual add new site form. And your new site is deployed with this custom template from the very start!

I am sure you will agree, this is a fantastic new function. That opens up a lot of new possibilities for you. Saving time and making building your PBN network websites a lot faster and easier for you. Giving you full control over your new websites core elements from the very start!

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