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Bulk buy hosting for multiple websites

best bulk buy hosting for seo

There are many reasons why customers need to be able to purchase bulk hosting accounts. We are one such company that specialises in bulkbuyhosting for whatever your needs require.

The type of consumers that need such hosting. Usually want to host multiple websites and are looking for a cost-effective way to do so. Furthermore, bulk buy hosting providers offer a control panel to manage all your websites in one easy interface. Making it even easier for you to manage multiple websites.

Most bulk Buy Hosting companies cut down on features. To make their prices more attractive to you. Moreover, it makes it much more viable to run many different websites. Run tests, or try new things without having to pay an hefty price tag for it. The downside of most of these bulk hosting services. Is they use cheap overloaded servers in order to be able to lower their prices. Often, they also restrict your resources. Low bandwidth and diskspace restrictions, can make it impossible to run your websites efficiently. Especially as they start growing over time and you add new posts & pages with images etc on them. One site with good traffic starts flowing and you’re offline due to exceeding the bandwidth allowance.

You may think these things wont ever apply to your websites. But you will be surprised how many people just like you fall foul to it in the long term. So when you’re searching for bulkbuyhosting you’re much better off ensuring you go to a provider. That offers unrestricted bulk website hosting from the very start. Or at the very least a good option to upgrade when you need it.

Lets look at some of the traditional bulk buy hosting upsides and downsides in general.


  1. Low prices
  2. Ability to manage multiple websites from one control panel.


  1. Overload unreliable servers
  2. Heavily restricted resources e.g. Bandwidth & Diskspace
  3. Most suffer from poor uptime
  4. Many standard hosting features have been removed to cost save.
  5. Inability to expand the resources per site basis
  6. Restrictions on uploads
  7. Restrictions on plugin usage
  8. No Website Backups
  9. No email functionality at all.

The best Bulk Buy Hosting Provider

Here at PBN.LTD we provide our customer with hosting for multiple WordPress websites. Not only do we do it at the lowest prices. But we do not cut any corners when it comes to spec & features. We are the best alternative to bulkbuyhosting you will find available to you.

If you are looking to host multiple WordPress websites for PBN, SEO or other needs. Then look at what our bulk buy hosting solution can provide you with.

  • Under loaded servers
  • Fast site load speed
  • Absolutely unlimited Bandwidth and Diskspace
  • Central management dashboard to manage all your websites.
  • No footprints between your websites or network
  • AI driven technology ensuring your websites are hosted problem free
  • Instant deployment of WordPress CMS.
  • Lowest prices in the Bulk Buy Hosting sector.
  • Reliable servers with 99.9 Uptime or more.
  • No restrictions on plugins you’re able to use
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Full PHPMyAdmin access
  • Complete File Manger
  • Email redirected from your forms to you specified email.

From the list above, you can see for yourself that PBN.LTD provides not only the lowest priced hosting solutions for multiple websites. But we give you more features and less restrictions for it! Making us the number one choice of anyone that requires Bulk Buy Hosting for their WordPress websites and connected projects. If you have a Bulk hosting need, then we welcome you to trial us for 14 days absolutely free of charge.

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