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What is a cloudflare PBN

Cloudflare CDN

Are you wondering what is a cloudflare PBN?

Basically its a pbn website network that is masked by using the ever popular Cloudflare CDN service. PBN websites are hosted in various places and Cloudflare is used to try and hide the fact all the sites are owned by the same person etc.

What a lot of people started doing was using main stream hosting providers and then thinking they could just use Cloudflare CDN to hide their IP and server footprints. In a way trying to mimic the hosting services that we provide.

Sadly its not as simple as that and this alone will put your PBN networks at extreme risk from de-indexing. Let me explain why.

  1. Adding your pbn websites to Cloudflare alone, doesn’t remove server footprints at all. The servers signatures are still included in the headers etc.
  2. DNS records are very often still pointing to the native ones. With no variation. These are not masked from Google or other search engines.
  3. The server IP’s are very often leaked unless very advanced and technical steps are taken to hide them.
  4. SOA & MX records etc are not hidden properly by just using Cloudflare for your Private Blog Networks natively.
  5. Very often free SSL certificates are used from native hosting company and these can expose all the other sites in your network if using the same hosting provider natively. Cloudflare will not protect your PBN websites from this exposure.
  6. C-Class IP hosting and other seo hosting has it own set of problems. These problems will not be removed when using Cloudflare. Dirty IP’s and bad neighbourhoods are all these types of hosting bring. Avoid them!
  7. PBN websites built on C-panel or Plesk hosting are dangerous. They have by far the largest de-indexing rates of all. The heavy and dangerous footprints these types of host create. Are not removed just by adding your website to Cloudflare or any other CDN!

Is it safe to use a self set up CloudFlare PBN?

The answer is a very big no! Server footprints, DNS records & other technical matters that are crucial for private blog networks to remain safe. Are a very advanced subject and unless you are a highly qualified server and security specialists with extensive experience in this field. You will not have the comprehension needed to provide the level of protection needed to your CloudFlare PBN network. One mistake or oversight is all that is needed to get your PBN websites busted. Sure a small network of 2 or 3 pbn websites you may get away with it. But as your private blog network grows, the footprints will grow. Unless of course its done properly.

What is different then if I use your PBN hosting?

The footprints, balancing and technical side is taken care of automatically for you. Everything is clean, safe and correct. Extensive knowledge and understanding of private blog networks. And all the factors that surround them. Coupled with scientific data that has tracked millions of PBN websites over nearly 2 decades. Allows us to understand more about footprints, de-indexing and safety than anyone else on the planet! Thus ensuring your websites are well protected from all theses nasties!

Personally we run our own pbn networks using approximately 80% of them on Cloudflare. But with tricks and modifications that ensure its 100% safe. And in line with the correct practices needed to ensure its really safe. When you use our pbn hosting services, you get this done for your automatically. So you do not need to be a server geek or footprint genius to stay 100% safe and footprint free.

Something I am pretty sure your will not know about Cloudflare PBN.

We have extensive knowledge about private blog network footprints and that extends to many different CDN providers, including of course Cloudflare. Did you know that its possible for us, to take any website on various CDN’s including Cloudflare. And make it look to Google and other search engines that your website is hosted on any host in the world. Seriously! I can host a website on any server from any provider you can think of and make it look like its hosted on another.

For example, you can host your website on our dedicated cloud servers and I can make it look like your hosted with AWS, GoDaddy, Names cheap, HostGator or even Google cloud! The footprints will be 100% identical to these hosting providers. This is the type of auto-balancing of footprints that our next generation AI driven, scientifically backed PBN hosting will do for you automatically. When your host your pbn websites with us, you get real next level protection and footprint balancing that is second to none! There is no PBN hosting solution out there that comes close to the smartness and attention to detail that ours provides for you automatically.

The secret to safe PBN hosting, be it using Cloudflare or any other CDN provider. Is not just about removing common footprints. Its actually about producing the correct footprints that give your private blog network the natural outline. Therefore, ensuring they do not look like pbn’s or any form of link network. Instead with us, they will be hosted in the most natural way possible. With everything correctly in place to make them look like real world, singular & normal websites. Moreover, this will unequivocally ensure your pbn networks are totally safe. They will be quiet literally undetectable, be it algorithmically or otherwise. This is what makes using our hosting services totally different to just using a bulk standard Cloudflare pbn or other hosting options.

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