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Do not use SSL on your PBN website just for the sake of it. It can be a big mistake!

using ssl on your PBN website domain

Many people use SSL on their PBN websites when they should not be doing so. This new craze of everyone using SSL has all come about. Simply because Google said it could give a ranking boost. But using it on your PBN sites could be a very big mistake!

You are not looking for a ranking boost on your PBN website. You are looking to pass maximum link juice and trust! This has nothing at all to do with SSL I can assure you. I feel that many people are getting really confused with this little aspect of PBN SEO!

So what is the reason everyone is now using SSL on their site?

SSL or https:// protocol is a very small part of Google’s ranking algorithm. They said themselves that a ranking boost will be given to sites using the https:// protocol. But clearly the boost is very small anyway.

For money sites e.g. the website your trying to rank. You should use the https protocol. This is for many reasons. But of course the fact that there is some very small ranking boost in it, then why not!

Most people do not need https for their websites. Unless they have some sensitive information that could be stolen. Like a login form or other transmission of personal information. But now its pretty normal that even if you do not have this. You still install an SSL certificate anyway.

So why should I not be using SSL always on my PBN websites?

The whole idea of building a Private Blog Network. Is so you can Build backlinks inside of it, to your money site. To boost its rankings and dominant your niche. Whilst all the time being in total control of every element of your backlinks. Nothing is better than PBN links to do this.

I outlined already the importance of keeping the original URL structure when building your PBN on expired or auction domains. But I want to emphasises it to you again here. As it is super important you retain maximum link power.

One of the first things to look after you have brought your PBN domain. Is the URL structure it was last on. Or more importantly the one which has the most power and trust on it. This can be easily checked inside of Majestic SEO. All you need to do is enter the different paths of your domain. For example enter,, and This will check them all and you can see what is the strongest URL path to be using.

if you do not have access to Majestic SEO, then you can use the wayback machine to see the old URL structure and go with that.

Importance of using the strongest URL path.

Because the purpose of your entire Private Blog network. Is to pass maximum link power & trust to the site you are wanting to rank. You must always use the strongest URL path. If you do not, you are reducing the power of your own PBN for absolutely no reason at all. As I am sure you will agree, there is absolutely no sense at all in doing that!

So by using SSL on your PBN sites, when it was not part of the original strongest URL path. You will simply be changing the URL structure. Which will result in anything between a 10% and 20% reduction in its potential power. So it makes no sense at all to use https:// on your PBNs unless the original site that was on that domain previously. And of course its backlinks are already pointing to https://.

If you want to get maximum power from your PBNs, then you must ensure you always keep the original strongest URL path. So under no circumstances should you be confusing the usage of SSL. Because using it for no reason on your PBNs will only make them weaker and undermine everything you are trying to achieve.

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