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Do PBN Links Work

do PBN links work

PBN links work very well and will remain to do so in the future. The power you can get from PBN links is the best. Not to mention the fact you have full control over PBN links from start to finish. This makes PBN links the most favourable links to be built in all SEO campaigns.

There is very conflicting information about PBN links all over the internet. But one thing is for sure, PBN SEO has never been so popular. Its usages is growing faster than ever before.

Why PBN Links May Not Be Working.

I have often read people saying that PBN links do not work. Therefore, I want to tell you why this may be the case for these idiots. Because PBN links not only work. But they are the best links you will ever get, when done properly.

In any link building campaign. The fundamental principals of link building come in to play. This is not different when you are building your PBN Links! For them to be effective, you need to know what your doing. You can not just throw up some PBNs and link to your money site and expect it to rank. It doesn’t work like that!

Here is a list of the 10 most common reasons I see good PBN links that are not working, when they should be.

  1. The onsite seo of the money site is very poor.
  2. Anchor text usage in the PBN links is well over optimised. As well as links all going to Home page like its 1998!
  3. The quality of the PBN websites is poor – in one way or sometimes many.
  4. The power of the PBN domains is low.
  5. Links have died off the PBN domain and not been rebuilt or replaced.
  6. Link power needs to be properly retained and has not been done.
  7. Not enough PBN links have been built. I have seen recently an example where someone asked me to look at their PBN links for them. They had 25 links going to their money site for an extremely competitive keyword. One which needed at least 500 PBN links and they where trying to say their PBN links are not working.
  8. Not enough link diversity. You have to keep the back link profile in line with what is considered natural by Google for that niche or keyword set. Sometimes PBN links is not the only thing you need to be able to rank!
  9. PBN websites are not indexed due to technical issues with the sites. Therefore links are not working, because they are not even indexed in Google & therefore, not passing any link juice.
  10. Other links have been built to the Money site, which are pure spam or all exact match anchors etc. Just no matter what you build to the site, you have already buggered its chances of ranking.

Be aware of buying PBN links from just anyone.

One other common issue I see. Is people buying PBN links and not using their own PBNs. This comes with all manner of issues and potential hazards. Not all PBN link sellers are reputable or genuine. I have seen many PBN links for sale from domains with good metrics and what looks like good power. But when you look at the domains backlink profile. Its full of shit. Most likely blasted with some SEO software’s to increase the metrics to scam buyers. But really these sites are poor quality, with no trust and the links from there, even though they are PBN links, will be hurting your chances to rank.

I have also seen PBN links being sold. Where the links to your sites are placed in poor quality, spun content. And even not on topic or from totally irrelevant sources. Once again, you can not expect this type of link to work no matter what.

In general cheap PBN links are not going to be effective when sending them directly to your Money sites. There are usages for them, which even I use myself. But never should you put them directly to your money sites. The more expensive PBN links from reputable sellers can be put directly to your money site and will do the job of helping you to rank very well. But they come with another risk. That being you can not control the content, quality or long-term safety of these PBN links. Which is why building your own Private blog networks is the best way forward if you want safe powerful PBN links!

How to ensure PBN Links work well & increase your organic search engine rankings.

The best way to ensure you build powerful and strong PBN links to your website. Is to set up your own PBN networks. But you need to understand Backlinks before you do it!

The common principals of link building apply to your PBN links. They are not a magic ranking tool. You need to do SEO properly, no matter what backlinks you are building. Some things to take in to account.

  1. Plan your anchor text properly. This includes the anchors you are going to use & link growth and what pages you are going to build them to and in which order. You can not just build them all to the home page!
  2. Can you use just PBN links or do you need to look for other link types to create a diverse & balanced link profile that Google just loves? For example you will need most likely some no follow links at least. You will not want to use your PBN for these. They can be acquired free elsewhere.
  3. Build a high quality properly laid out and totally SEO friendly money site (the money site is the website you are trying to rank remember!) that is capable of gaining authority and Google love.
  4. You need to do proper competitor analysation to acquire the data you need to properly understand how to rank for your keywords. Personally I have been crawling millions of websites across thousands of niches and I am very lucky to be able to extract the data I need very easily. But for most people, you need to be able to conduct extensive competitor research.

How to build PBN Links Properly.

You need to ensure that you build PBN links properly. In order to do so, you need to have a plan. A proper one that takes in to account all the standard and advanced link building factors. A PBN link is an offsite SEO technique that is used by the biggest and most successful digital marketing agencies in the world. There is a very good reason for that. Its simply because they work so well and can give you the biggest supercharged boost in the rankings you will ever get from any backlink. But you need to build your PBN links properly, this I can not express to you enough.

Now when you follow the principals outlined above correctly. You will find your properly built PBN Domains will give you the killer edge you need to get to the top. There is no link like a PBN one, that you control fully. They are the most valuable links you will ever get. You just need to ensure you do it all correctly and understand one very simple thing. PBN links will only work if you do SEO properly and do not expect PBN links to be a magic solution. They are magic, but only when you put them in the right spell!

So to answer the question do PBN links still work. There is no other answer but a massive yes.

If you need help with your Links and other SEO factors mentioned above. Please remember that you can get absolutely free advice and guidance when you are a customer of our PBN hosting. I will be more than happy to assist you in every aspect at every step of the way. I can also extract from my own private database answers to many questions that no other tools can give you! Therefore, ensuring you get the most from you PBN links and get the rankings you need!

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