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Easy Blog Networks Review & Best Alternative

easy blog networks alternative

Easyblognetworks has been around for several years. They are quiet outspoken about other companies and claim to be the best PBN hosting provider. They claim to be using big name servers which they list openly. Although there are many alternatives to Easy Blog Networks we feel we are the best match for those looking for a reliable and much cheaper alternative to easy blog networks.

Limitations of Easy Blog Networks are vast.

  1. They only allow limited niches. Adult, Pharma and other niches are blocked. We believe this is because they do not want the more spammy niches bringing attention to their limited network and footprints.
  2. Your not able to host videos and other elements that can be essential to limiting the footprint between your PBNs.
  3. Any decent PBN that is doing good natural traffic because you built it so well, will also be blocked from Easy Blog Networks hosting.
  4. Their IP pool is limited and are shared with many other PBN websites.
  5. They block a whole host of plugins. Including migration plugins – now why would any decent hosting company want to make it so hard for someone to leave. Because people do not leave good hosting! We certainly do not block migration plugins. As we are not in fear of our customers leaving!
  6. Massive amount of Server footprints. This is more reseller hosting than PBN hosting and it shows badly in their footprints.
  7. Hosted on out of date C-class IP hosting format. Read more about the dangers of c-class hosting here.

How EBN compares to PBN LTD Hosting.

Below we have made an easy to follow comparison of our PBN hosting against that provided by Easy Blog Networks. Moreover, you can see how the two PBN hosting companies compare side by side. Ensuring you understand fully the best alternative to Easy Blog Networks.

Please note, items shown below in red colour, represent an issue or problem.

Price for 10 sites$10.00$29.00
Price for 100 sites$100.00$169.00
Static HTML sitesYESNO
Daily BackupsYESYES
Out of Date IP hostingNOYES – Dangerous!
100% Clean IPsYESNOAll their IPS are shared with other PBN users!
Email FunctionsYESYES
File ManagerYESNO
Database AccessYESNO
Majestic SEO MetricsYESNO
Plugin RestrictionsNOYES – Lots!
14 Day Free TrialYESNO – Only 7 Days
Top Tier CDNsYES – 6NO
Free SSL/HttpsYES – OptimisedYES – Standard
Deindexing IssuesNOYES
Hosting FootprintsNOYES – Lots
Bad NeighbourhoodsNOYES
AI Driven FootprintsYESNO
AI Driven BalancingYESNO
SEO Help & AdviceYESNO
All Niches AcceptedYESNO
PBN ManagementYES – Built InNO
Buying ReviewsNOYES
Comparison table of PBN.LTD hosting VS Easy Blog Networks

Benefits of using our PBN Hosting over EBNs.

Moving your PBN network or building out a new one with us. Will have significant cost savings over easy blog networks. As well as providing you with a much safer PBN hosting solution.

Furthermore, our hosting is not built on the out of date C-class IP hosting methods. The footprints of websites hosted with us are balanced properly to ensure the most natural hosting footprint in the world is achieved for your Private Blog Networks. Where as Easy Blog Networks are simply removing common footprints. Which in turn is creating a very high risk footprint for your PBN. For very small networks e.g. 5 sites then you can use EBN Hosting to be relatively safe, but when your network grows, the risk with them grows with it. In comparison to our PBN hosting, where the bigger your network gets, the more we can lower the footprints even further.

Easy Blog Network Reviews.

When you look for reviews on Easy Blog Networks. Its easy to think that they have quiet a few of them. Moreover, you can be very misguided in to thinking they are being used by a lot of well known marketers. With many reviews about their company and hosting being available online.

During my own testing of Easy Blog Networks and monitoring of many PBN sites that I know are hosted with them. I was tracking many things, including their deindexing rates, indexing speed, uptime and footprints (which I found many I would like to add!). I would regularly receive emails from Easy Blog Networks. Offering account credit in exchange for testimonials and/or reviews. But they where not asking me to submit a review for example on an external review site. Oh no, they wanted a review sent to them, that they can moderate and choose which ones to use. Making their whole review process an absolute farce.

When your that desperate to buy reviews to put on your own website & they only publish their self moderated reviews. How can you believe anything they say on their website or any claims they make! They are knowingly buying reviews and moderating them to show to potential customers. A total fraud in my mind! No one is going to write a bad review for Easy Blog Networks when they are paying you to write it! So all the reviews on their website are fabricated and brought. For example we ask our customers to write reviews about us. But on external review websites, where we have no control over the content of the reviews. This is how you know our reviews are genuine and from real honest customer perspectives. Sadly the same can not be said about Easy Blog Networks!

Furthermore they have a well know marketer endorsing their hosting. I will not mention his name, but its hard to miss it. Well here is a fact about his own website. Penalised by google and the PBN he had behind it deindexed and manual penalty applied. So not a very good endorsement! So yet again more misguided reviews and endorsements made by people with penalised sites and blown PBNs!

Below you can find an example of an email I received from Easy Blog Networks in November 2020. Asking to buy testimonials for their YouTube channel and to use on their website. The biggest joke is, I am not even an active customer lol. Its pretty obvious that in order to get your payment from them. You need your review to be selected by them. So your going to try you very best to make it super great. Which doesn’t mean its going to be true!

Please click the image to enlarge it.

Easy Blog Networks Reviews

Your best alternative to Easy Blog Networks Hosting.

I am certain that will you now be able to see beyond the fakeness of Easy Blog Networks. Understanding completely why we provide the best alternative there is to Easy Blog Networks. Providing a much safer PBN hosting environment at much lower prices. Hosting your PBNs with us, is a win win situation.

Remember we also provide free migrations from Easy Blog Networks to our hosting platform where needed.

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