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Free PBN Domain Checker

Free PBN Domain Checker

Built in to our PBN dashboard. Is a free to use domain checking tool. This tool pulls all the main information about the domain you enter. From the Majestic SEO database. Without you needing a subscription for it! Allowing a quick and easy way for you to check any PBN domains.

I am sure you will all agree this is not just a very useful feature. But gives you access to a premium tool at no additional costs to yourself. Therefore, saving you even more time and money!

As well as being able to check any domain. You can also make your own lists and store them accordingly. Moreover, this will allow you to see which domains you have checked before. And ensure you do not waste time checking the same ones by mistake. You can also use it to monitor auction domains etc of interest to you.

Furthermore, you can also use it to run domains from our own built in marketplace. Therefore, ensuring you get the very latest TF and other metrics before purchase.

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