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Free PBN Website Migrations

FREE PBN hosting website migrations

We are often asked if we offer free website migrations from other hosting companies to ours.

The answer is yes we do offer free migrations. The only restriction is, we will only migrate PBN sites for paying customers and not those in a trial period.

How to request free migrations.

Once you have an active account with us, you can just put in a support ticket to the migrations department. They will then reply giving you a document to complete with the details of your existing websites. So we have everything we need to access them to instigate the migrations.

Its very important to make sure you check the login details and other information we request. Therefore, ensuring its 100% correct and working. This will avoid delays in your migrations.

Depending on the amount of websites you need migrating & how many sites are in our migration queue at the time. You can rest assured your PBN websites will be migrated as quickly as humanly possible.

Things to ensure before requesting your Free website migrations.

  1. That you have access and up to date logins for all the sites you want moved.
  2. There are no issues with the sites currently. e.g the sites are not broken in any way.
  3. That your have enough free PBN hosting slots in your account with us, to allow for the number of websites you require moving.

What can I expect from the Migration process.

Where possible we will always migrate your websites fully. By this I mean, we will move them exactly as they are right now. This will include content, images, templates & plugins. All without any modifcations.

However, some hosting companies will block the usage of migration plugins. So moving the entire site is not possible. In these situations we will move the websites content and structure for you. So there are no changes in the content, outbound links or menu items. Where plugins that allow data export have been used e.g. seo plugins, we will export the data and set the plugin back up on your migrated sites and reinstall the data. In effect this keeps the most important parts of your sites intact. So there is no risk of loosing links, meta titles etc. After the migration there will be some setting up left to do. E.g. Installation of plugins again, editing the template etc. Just light work that will take a few minutes only. We will do the core of it all for you of course.

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