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Why using a PBN Hosting provider that serves all your WordPress PBNs as static HTML is really stupid!

There are some PBN hosting providers out there. That despite marketing them selves as WordPress PBN hosting. They undo all the advantages of using WordPress & create a unnecessary dangerous footprint. They do all of this by serving all your WordPress sites as Static HTML. Its really stupid and you should not use these providers.…
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Why hosting your pbns on separate ips is not enough to keep them safe! Please Listen!

I am writing this post today to hopefully make you understand why hosting your PBNs on a separate IP is just not enough to keep them safe! The amount of people that are coming to me asking me about IPs is overwhelming to say the very least. I truly had no idea until now, just…
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Why our PBN Hosting is the safest place to host your PBN websites

Its very important that you understand the principals of our PBN hosting and how it works. Only then can you properly understand why we are the safest place you can be hosting your PBN sites. I will start by highlighting some of the key points and functions of our hosting platform. No Dirty IP’s or…
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What is PBN hosting?

PBN hosting is a special type of hosting that is built for the purpose of those that want to run Private Blog Networks (PBN for short). It has features that are very different to standard hosting. As it is designed for this one specific purpose in mind. PBN hosting is engineered to remove hosting footprints.…
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Bulk buy hosting for multiple websites

There are many reasons why customers need to be able to purchase bulk hosting accounts. We are one such company that specialises in bulkbuyhosting for whatever your needs require. The type of consumers that need such hosting. Usually want to host multiple websites and are looking for a cost-effective way to do so. Furthermore, bulk…
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Why not to use c-class IP seo hosting

If your hosting your PBN’s on separate A-class, B-class or C-class IP’s – STOP NOW! The method of hosting your private blog network websites on separate A/B/C- class IPS is very out of date! It was used many years ago and sold as SEO hosting. Since this time, many things have changed. Including the link…
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