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How to restore a website from WayBack Machine Archive

Restore your PBN site from the Wayback-Machine

Sometimes you may want to restore an expired PBN domain to its former glory. One of the best way to do this, is to restore it from the WayBack Machine Archive. This will give you more or less, the complete website contents from before it expired. In the rare cases, you may find they blocked the WayBack Machine Archive. Therefore, it would not be possible to restore it.

So assuming there are Archive available for your website inside of the wayback machine. You can restore it to either WordPress of Static HTML. There are various ways this can be done. And I will go though the main ones below.

  1. There are companies out there who you can pay to restore the website. Its not really very cost effective and unless you can not use copy and paste. Personally I see no reason why you would want to. But the option does exist. You can make a simple google search to locate them of course.
  2. You can simply grab the main images (if any) and copy and paste the text contents in to your new site. This is the easiest & most simply way to do it.
  3. The way back machine its self has really good instructions on how to restore to both HTML and to WordPress. You can use their services to download already packaged files. You can find their instructions on how restore a sites archive here. Of course these instructions are done as if you have main stream hosting with C-Panel. But it will still work with our hosting because we provide a Footprint Free File manager & also full Database Access with PHPmyAdmin. So just replace those parts of the instructions that refer to the C-panel file manager with using our own built in one.

Some words of warning before you make the restoration to your PBN!

There are some pitfalls you need to be aware of before going down this road. Please observe them well to ensure you do not put your PBN at risk in any way.

  1. There are a lot of people out there these days. That are selling content from expired domains. They are grabbing this mainly from the way back machine. So be careful your expired domain has not had its content scrapped! As you will be putting duplicate content on to your new PBN without even realising it! You must check the content through copyscape always. There are other services that can check for duplicate content. But in my personal experience, none come close to copyscape.
  2. Do not use trademarked or other brand reserved names in your content. You will get your PBN site took off line. So make sure any copyrighted or otherwise trademarked words in the old content, are removed from the start. Therefore, avoiding any future problems before they happen. Moreover, this will keep your PBN under the radar and not attract any unwanted attention to it.

I hope that helps you understand a bit better how to restore a wayback machine archive to your PBN website. If you need any help, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We will always help where we can!

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