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How to retain maximum link juice & trust when building your PBN websites

best link juice from your PBN websites

It is important that you build your PBN website correctly to ensure you preserve and retain the maximum amount of link juice in your PBN website. The more you preserve and equity you create, the more power you will be able to pass on in your outbound links. Following the rules of how you should build a PBN website. Retaining maximum value is very important. It does not matter if your building your PBNs on expired domains of auction domains. The rules apply to both. There are some differences between building a standard website and a PBN one. When your building a PBN website, its all about link juice. So some adaptions need to be made to ensure you do it correctly.

Ensure you rebuild the original URL structure.

If the original domain was for example with www. Then you need to set it up using www. The same goes as it if was originally on https or http protocols. You need to mimic it when you rebuild it. Therefore, ensuring the links pointing to these pages are not losing their power in an 301 redirect that is not needed. What I mean is for example; if the original site was built on this and you then rebuild it on but all the most important powerful backlinks to it are going to the first example. You will lose power from them now if you swap to a new URL set. So, keep it the same as the original.

Rebuild strong URLS.

Some domains have strong links going to internal pages. They will not always be just at the home page. Where possible you should rebuild these URLS. So if the domain you have, has really good links point to an old url like this: then you should recreate this page on your website. If you are unable to create the exact URL, then use a redirect plugin to redirect the old URL at least properly to the new old. But in line with my point about original URL structure, then try your best to recreate the original URL so no power is lost in the 301 redirect between old and new URL.

Use a 404 Plugins to capture links.

This is useful where there are several links to inner pages of your domain, but they are not maybe strong enough to bother rebuilding. But you do not want to lose the link juice they will pass to your PBN site. So instead of rebuilding them, use a 404 plugin in WordPress for example. Point the redirect at a good landing page that make good sense to be pointing them at. I personally nearly always point them at the blog page or an important post if topic permits. I would try to avoid pointing them at the home page, that can be a bit of spammy technique for sure. So best to try to point them to a good inner page target instead. Blog or category pages are perfect targets for it.

Rebuild elements of the original site where possible.

Looking at the old website that was one your domain before you brought it. Can reveal some interesting elements that you can easily take & use again. Looking at the way back machine is the perfect way to do this. Reusing this will help retain content age and trust elements for your new website. Some of the elements you can recapture include:

  1. Images that where used on the original site. Keep the alts and file names the same
  2. URL structures of course. As well as menu item names & layouts.
  3. Inner pages like privacy, shipping polices etc. Including the content for them.
  4. Content you can copy & paste to add to your new content where needed & possible.
  5. Contact information or at least part of it e.g. the address. Which can be used on the contact page if needed.
  6. Logos can also be re-used.
  7. Scan the site for any useful resources really.

Adding Link Flow Tricks & Onsite SEO for better quality PBNs.

As well as the above. When your using the PBNs strictly for your own websites. As opposed to selling links in them on the open market. Here are some things you should do to get maximum effect from your PBNs.

  1. If you have outbound links in a particular post. Add a direct link to the post in the main navigation menu. Therefore, showing search engines its an important page and pushing more link juice to it. Which will in turn pass more thought your outbound links.
  2. Use a good internal link structure, just like you would when doing onsite seo for your money sites. Adjusting the plan, a little to send the juice more though to the pages you have outbound links on.
  3. Take the links to your highest keywords from the home page of your PBN websites. So, if your linking to a page on your money site that has the highest competitive keyword on it. Make sure you take these outbound links from the home pages of your PBN sites always.
  4. If your PBN sites is getting large with lots of posts. Ensure you use categories properly and do not bring site quality down with duplicate content issues etc. Onsite seo is very important for your PBN sites as well!
  5. Make sure your PBN sites do not suffer from technical SEO issues that would cause the splitting of page quality or any form of indexing issues. Do not neglect the quality and site layout of your PBNs under any circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns. Please remember that as a customer of our PBN Hosting service. I will happily assist you, advise you and check over your PBN websites for free. If you need help or advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for it!

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