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Importance of onsite SEO for your money site

onsite seo for your websites

Should you not know what is meant by the term Money site. I will first explain to you that a money site (MS) is the website where your sales or other conversions take place. Your money site is the website you are trying to rank. What I want to speak about today is the sheer importance of the onsite SEO for it. It doesn’t matter how good your backlink profile is or how smart you are with your offsite seo. You need to be bang on point with its onsite seo!

If you fail on this point. Everything else you do will not matter. As you will stop it from ranking at the top. Depending on how badly your onsite seo is done, you can really hurt its chances. You need to understand that backlinks are a massive part of SEO. That is true, but they are not the only part of it. There is much more in the middle that you need to grasp. If you want your website proudly at the top end of page one in the search engines. Then you must master more than just backlinks. I have seen many money sites, where there is a serious onsite issue. Which are not known to the site owner. What they do not realise is they are totally hindering their ranking chances and no matter what backlinks they are building; they won’t on their own be good enough. So, I cannot tell you enough just how important it is to understand to an expert level, your money sites seo overall. Not just backlinks for example.

To try to assist you a little bit on this matter. I will below list some of the most common things that I see mistakes being made in that really do harm rankings.

The hosting of your Money site.

So many people I see host their Money sites with hosting companies that create a bad neighbourhood or a dirty IP. You need to think very well about where you host your money site. Most of these big named mainstream hosting companies, such as GoDaddy for one example. Their server response time is so poor, your site speed will never be top 10% really. Not to mention the downtime their suffer. The same can be said about many cheap hosting companies. You need to understand that the hosting of your money site is super important and do not be tempted to cut costs here in favour of other technical SEO advantages. There is no point having everything done right and having a site with 10% downtime. Google won’t take your website serious believe me!

Internal linking structures.

I understand that just about any seo guide will mention the need to do this. But like just about everything in SEO. The plan for internal linking strategies is very different from one site to the next. For a simple example, your site could be a blog and you need to be linking to other relevant posts. Not forgetting to go back to older blogs and add internal links to new now relevant posts, that where not written when the original post where made. But if you are a big e-commerce site with hundreds of items. Then the internal linking strategies are not so easy to master. Nor are they so easy to understand or map out in your mind. When sites shift with seasonal products added and removed, then this can be a whole new level of headache. But all the same, internal linking is one major element that must be properly planned, actioned, and maintained. If you do it properly, not only will it give your overall SEO efforts a massive boost. But it will make your website easier to rank!

Site Build, Structure & Layout.

This is by far where I see the biggest mistakes. From simple template issues that stop proper indexing, though to page layout that is confusing and not properly seo crafted. The list is just endless. The whole structure of your website is the single most important onsite SEO factor. But its one that is just so often overlooked or misunderstood. The importance of site structure I can not express enough to you. You need to have a clear understanding of your website and what it will become over time. Right from the very first moment. Before you even select a template for your website you need to be thinking about onsite SEO and site layout. The list of these issues and misunderstanding really is very long. So, I cannot put them all here. But all I will tell you is if you are unsure about yours or not super experienced with many successfully ranked websites for more than just low competition keywords. Please ask me to audit your money site for you. As mentioned below, its free and invaluable to you really.

Other Technical SEO issues.

The list of more technical onsite seo issues I have seen, is as large a list as any. Its hard from some people to comprehend that one mistake can cost you an entire site ranking. But its very true. Especially when that one mistake stops link juice flow or proper page rendering etc. This subject is a particularly vast one. But here are some examples of overlooked or not known technical SEO issues. Including such things as;
• Site speed issues
• Page load issues or rendering issues
• Badly configured or missing robots.txt file
• Alt texts not properly used or spammy
• Placement of images on the page
• Menu item layout and wording
• Footer menus or other repeating items
• Duplicate content between pages > Big problem!
• Badly configured or missing canonicals
• .Htaccess file issues
• Server-side issues
• IP site is hosted on issues
• Poor JavaScript issues or rendering
• Above the fold content issues
• Self-cannibalising link usage
• Bad lazy loading of images – not SEO friendly
• URL structures
• Meta tags badly configured
• Site layout & configuration
• Conflicting page issues
• Bad or lack of use of ‘No Index’ and other similar directives.
• Poor sitemaps or lack of one at all.
• Important files blocked from Google or other crawlers.
• Isolated pages
• Poor link juice flow inside your site.
• Mobile Friendly issues.

Website Content.

The amount of issues I see with content is unbelievable. From the way its written to its keyword density. Its one of the biggest onsite things you are ever going to have to grasp and its not as straight forward as many people think. The sheer amount of people I see just focusing on content length with no understanding of their actual content quality is shocking to be honest. There is several things to think about in your content. I will list a few of the important factors below.
• Content length – properly research against websites ranking for your search terms. You can not just say 500 words is ok. That is shocking!
• Content quality – including the uniqueness of it, depth, and overall presentation.
• Keyword density – How many times the keyword your using is written. Once again this will vary from keyword to keyword. So needs competitor research properly. You can not just say 2% or 10% and that will do. If you want top rankings you need to learn what your keyword density should be. Not used enough it will affect your rankings, overused and it will kill them. Each nice and keyword set in that niche is different. There is no one fits all answer & if anyone gives you on in a SEO course, do not bother completing it!
• Keywords in general – How many times do you use them together, separately, and similar keywords to boost relevance. A complicated topic, but you must understand it fully if you want to rank.
• Keyword positioning – Where the keywords are being used. This included in them main body text, headings, sub-headings etc. In some niches its also normal so see some in Bold for example.
• Secondary keyword usage – There are related keywords to your main one. Ones Google knows are relevant and has learnt they are used in similar sites to your own. So you need to use these and others. To outsmart your competition and boost your relevance score.
• Topic flow – The topic for some niches needs to flow throughout the site. Especially in Local seo sites or others with a common theme. This must be done without causing competing page issues.
• Competing pages – This is where you for example have two pages with very similar keywords. For example, one page optimised for Red Boots. Another page optimised for Black boots. This creates a competing page, and you must not do that. These keywords need condensing to one page only. Similar topics with multiple areas e.g. London locksmiths and Earls Court Locksmiths create a similar but slightly different competing page that you need to structure sites correctly to get away with it.
• Thin pages – This is page that has no value or quality to it. Like a login or contact us page. These need to be properly excluded.
• Target pages – You need to understand your entire ranking strategy before you start adding pages and categories etc. Think about which pages are going to be your target pages for link building and flow of link juice.
• Categories without proper content giving relevancy to the posts under them.

Link Targets.

Expanding a bit more on what I said above about Target pages. I can not tell you how important it is to properly plan your site structure to ensure it marries up with your content plans. Moreover, you have to be thinking about link targets properly. You need to understand the flow of link juice inside of your website and how your going to steer it towards the pages you want to rank. The flow of link juice throughout your website is important. Sending more of it to your more competitive keyword pages, is essential. One of the most overlooked elements of money sites is the link targets. Categories are super important and need to be properly thought out. These are exceptional good link targets! You can use them to blast the links at safely and send the juice down the line. Be it to posts under that category or products. It makes no difference; you really need to be using your categories properly!

Summary of onsite seo for your websites.

Everything element of your SEO needs to score high enough to in the end give you enough points to reach the top. Both onsite and offsite needs to be done right. There is no point having perfect onsite seo to them blast shit spammy links at the site. Or even good ones with over optimised anchor text. Or building links to fast for example. You won’t rank like that! Everything needs to be as close to perfect as humanly possible in the SEO world. The worst people in the world you will learn SEO from is Google! Do not read, believe or listen to any of the trash they spill out as they do not want you to rank. They do not want sites on page one, they want adverts paid for by you, nothing else. So please do not listen to them Equally as important, do not listen to anyone that is selling SEO knowledge based on their ability to have never ranked a website in their life!

The problem with all these things mentioned above & the many other things I have not mentioned here. Are you need the knowledge to understand when you have got something wrong, missed something out or otherwise done something bad by accident? I understand that a large amount of people trying to rank their website themselves. Do not understand to the level they need to understand. The onsite & technical SEO values of their Money sites. Of course, this comes with experience, which many people do not have. Very often their knowledge is gained from online SEO course, that cover only the simplest elements and do not provide a more in-depth explanation. So, it is easy to think there is nothing more to do or check. But sadly, that is not the situation when it comes to top 10 rankings for any more than a keyword no one searches for.

Therefore, for all customers on our PBN hosting platform. I will personally audit their money site for them upon request. All you need to do is put in a ticket to the SEO advice department requesting it. I will then personally audit your money site and talk with you on a 1-2-1 level to correct any mistakes or to provide you with ways to enhance your website further. I do not charge you for this, other companies charge 100’s for such an audit. But I am here to help you and will audit your site for free. Same goes to looking over your PBN websites if you would like me to. Having an expert look over your website can only help, trust me! So, if you would like me to do so, please do not hesitate to ask. After all it is free! Its important to me that you succeed on your SEO quest, so if I can help you and pass on my knowledge, I am always very willing to do so. The only requirement is that you have an active subscription with us, that is not in a trial period.

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