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PBN Footprints to be thinking about

pbn footprints

There are numerous PBN footprints that need to be avoided. Of course, your PBN hosting footprints is one such major massive one. But there are several others that are either misunderstood by people or not really thought about. So, I wanted to write a clear post for you all, to clear up some things and bring your attention to others. Dispelling myths and misunderstandings along the way.  Whilst at the same time answering many questions that are often raised about PBN Footprints.

I will break down some of the main elements to consider when thinking out footprints. The first thing I am going to tell you, is do not overthink them! Most people that suffer with serious addiction to footprints end up creating them. Because in the process of removing them, they create them. The same can be said for many PBN hosting providers, they think removing every footprint is a safe way to do things. Instead of understanding that by removing every footprint they are creating one! So really, I tell you, do not make this mistake!

Main PBN footprints to be thinking about.

  1. PBN Hosting – Taken care of by using our service. So, no need to worry there!
  2. Content is something that can create a major footprint. Do not use the same format or style of writing on every blog. Do not use the same type of writing style for every site. Some examples of what I mean are: You could write one site in the first person, the next in third person. Some sites could be reviews format. Some posts and pages could include a combination of different gallery formats, images and/or videos. You should not be using spun content on your PBNs. If you are going to use spun content then use in different nodes, not the same nodes with the links to the same money sites. (more on nodes is spoken about below). At the very least do not use all spun content on your PBNs. If you are insisting on using it, then do it very smartly. By that I mean. If you have spun an article 5 times. Then only use it twice as the article you link out from to your money site, once on the Home page and once as an inner page. The other 3 versions use as inner filler blog pages. To limit the direct connection within the content usage. Personally, I do NOT use any spun content in my PBN networks, not ever! If you are writing all the content yourself, then its very important you learn to vary your own styles. As content is one of the biggest footprints you will ever create! So do not overlook the importance of this really.
  3. Website creation – the templates you have used, style of website and so on. These must be well varied and through out. Its super important that you build these to mimic money sites. Do not build them like blog sites! Make them look like real, normal everyday websites. No blog formats with just posts on the front page really! Always make the pages you’re going to link to your money site from on the same topic as the page you are linking to. So, for example. If the money site page you’re linking out to is about Blue balls, the topic on that page of your PBN you’re going to link out from. Should also be about Blue balls. The home page of your PBN website should always have a good amount of unique content on it. Content that is relevant to your PBN site overall and the topic you’re going to be linking to. So, if you are going to be linking out to a tech site, then the PBN sites content needs to be connected to this always. Vary the overall feel of the websites. Some you can have page sidebars, others you do not. Some you have footer menus, some you do not. Some you have headings in the content, some you do not. Some you use bullets or numbered list, some you do not. Just keep it all varied and sensible. Sometimes you will select a template and it has some features or options others do not. So, utilise them and get the best from the template. A simple example is some may have Slide shows on the Home page, sure why not, use it. I often use WP Show Post of other similar plugins to show some posts on the Home page on some sites, others I do not. It just helps with variation and indexing. Some I will even put a HTML site map page on, others I will not. Just keep the variations flowing in every way possible
  4. Link placement. Do not link out of every site in the same position or using the same link type. Vary it a little of course. This is needed for your money sites backlink profile in any event. For a better example, I mean do not always put your money site link in the first paragraph. Vary it for sure.
  5. Filler links – Do not link out to only big names like Wikipedia. Use some real sites to link to out. Do not link to the same sites or different pages of. Keep it unique in each site & link to different websites that in your other blogs.
  6. General layout and Menu style. Try to avoid calling every blog page ‘Blog’ Try to vary all elements like this in your menu. As well as the style and layout of the pages and blog page. Just randomly vary it all as you go. Do not get over the top about it, just keep it as varied as naturally possible. Even the contact us page, can be termed and menu item matched to things like: Contact, Contact Us, How to reach us, Get in touch, Reach out for help, Speak to us, drop us a line, Reach out and contact us. Just vary it as you go really. To keep all layouts and sites that bit different you see. The same can be said about using the author box, sometimes you can use it and others remove/hide it. Same for post metadata, sometimes show some of it and other do not. Just vary it and mix it up as you go.
  7. Images & videos – Do not use the same image over and over. If you do ever use the same images again, make sure you change the alt text and file name of it before you upload it. Same for videos, vary the ones you use or embed to keep things more unique.
  8. Anything you are going to want to repeat throughout your PBN (forms, Call to actions, Page/post URLs etc etc), ensure you vary it and edit as much as possible in general.
  9. 404 Plugins – do not send them all to your home page, if any at all. I would suggest installing one of every PBN site by default. But send it to your blog page or a category page where possible. Only send it to the home page if there is no other sensible option. Vary it a little to which pages you send the 404’s too always. Do not just stick to one-page target. Send it to an important post or page even.
  10. All PBNs with the exact same number of pages and/or posts is silly. Vary this at build time. Some you may have 1 page and 3 posts, another 2 pages & 1 post etc. No need to over do it, but certainly make sure you vary it throughout your nodes, especially at initial build time.

PBN Footprints you need not be too concerned about.

  1. Having multiple domains registered with the same company. If you stick to the main big names, you can register many of the domains in your network with the same providers. Simply stagger the registrations as you go. An example would be. Domains 1 – 10 register with GoDaddy, Domains 10 – 20 register with Namecheap, Domains 20 – 30 register with 123 reg and so on. I use 6 main domain registers only and no more. Once I have been through all these providers, I will simply repeat the process in the example above. So, in this example domains 60 – 70 would be registered with GoDaddy. If you’re building out a bigger network with 100’s of domains, then you can register batches of 25 in the above example. Not just 10’s. If you are starting with a very small network say 5 or 10 domains only. Then I would register 40% with your preferred register and split the remaining 60% between the rest. But seriously this is not something you need to keep a an exact % record. Vary it a little, keep it sensible but do not be over the top regimental about this really. Just make sure you have a good overall variation. Sometimes for example one registrar may have a good offer on registrations of .coms or something. In this moment it may not really be the time I would register the domains with this provider, but their offer is good. So, I will take it. No need to over think it really!
  2. Whois Information – You must ensure its not all the same. If you cannot vary it easy and keep it open and use different data for each domain. Just make it all private or at least most of it. I do not consider every domain in a PBN network using private Whois to be a footprint of any nature. There are zillions of domains with closed private whois. It’s too small a factor to have any concern to me personally. Worrying about this is really over the top in my mind. Furthermore, in all my private PBN studies and tracking. I have never seen a PBN de-indexed because of the whois information being closed. What I have seen is when someone has registered all the domains with open whois and has them all registered to the same people, with same data. Moreover, this data was also the same on the money site domains they where pointing the links at!
  3. All your sites being on one cms e.g WordPress. Never have I seen any connection between de-indexing and the sites all on one CMS. There are billions of WordPress sites out there. Its very possible that you could have backlinks from WordPress sites only. If you are worried about this, then just go out and get a few free directory listings or something for you business and that will solve any concerns. But really do not worry about this!
  4. WordPress Plugins. You really do not need to over stress about this. Stick to the big names and you will be fine. Sure vary them a little for the less complexed plugins e.g. Form plugins, Post options plugins etc. But for the main ones like Security and SEO plugins I do not vary them at all. Just vary the smaller less important ones around them and all is good. But there is absolutely no need whatsoever to be trying to get unique plugins for each PBN website. That would just be crazy. Stick to the big ones with hundred of thousands or even millions of installs and the risk is literally nothing.
  5. Taking all the links from your Home page. There is nothing wrong at all with linking out to your money site from every home page of your PBN. Just vary the overall site and throw in the odd extra link from the Home Page to a non-money site to vary things up. But I would advise you to take the links only ever from the home page of your PBN to your money sites! Because in general, this is where the most power is! Of course you will place outbound links to other websites throughout your PBN site.
  6. Adding content to your PBN. There is no need to add new content every month. Very often I will build out my PBN site and not add anything new to it for months and months! So do not listen to suggestions you need to update them and add new content every month. Besides, I have seen people that upload new content to their sites one a month on the same day, they think they are avoiding a footprint. No Idiot! You are creating one! So really do not get stressed about this. Sure, add some new content here and there, why not. But do not create a pattern and do not upload on same day or same time frame between new posts etc. Just be sensible really and add some new content randomly at will. When you have the time, sure write a new blog and add it. But adding it in a regimental manner, is ridiculous, costly, time consuming and just not needed!

Footprints between different PBN nodes.

One final note I must add. Remember that you’re only thinking about the footprints between parts of your PBN network that link to the same site. Commonly known as a node. So, you must understand, that you are only looking for the footprints within each node. So, by this I mean for example. You build out 25 sites to link to one money site – Node 1? You then build out 25 more sites to link to another money sites – Node 2? You do not need to worry if you use for example some of the same website templates on node 2, that you used on node 1 as these nodes are not linked. The same applies to the domain registers etc.

Follow these guidelines and your PBNs are safe! Allowing you to enjoy endless years of rankings along the way. Remember do not get over paranoid, this is when you will make the mistakes! There is not one thing that needs to perfect. You need to think about an overall varied Footprint across all sites and in all areas of where a footprint could be created. If you have any questions on this subject, feel free to contact me directly and I will gladly help & advise you as needed.

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