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PBN.HOSTING Review & why you should avoid them. review is quite a new player in the industry. So far nearly every review that has been written about them shares the same negative elements. Here is my own review from personal experience using And details of the massive footprints I found with them.

The platform and UI itself.

Although PBN.Hosting market their product boosting many features. Sadly most of them seem not to work, are unreliable. And most to this day, still appear to be very unfinished. There are a massive amount of bugs, that are very frustrating & slow down the PBN building process. Which is not what this type of platform is suppose to do.

Even things like the login credentials for your WordPress sites that are displayed in your dashboard. Never work! Only the SSO seems to log you in. But the moment you try to use the logins stated. They just do not work! This type of issue is evident throughout their platform in many different areas. The whole thing feels like someone gave up on it or doesn’t have the skills to finish it. Its more a working test than a finished product. Moreover, its been this way for some time now & seems to not be getting improved at all. It really feels like someone’s hobby and not a commercial project at all.

Big Problems with corner cutting and lack of knowledge.

There are some really serious flaws in their system right from the very off. Its impossible to add a domain with the www. subdomain in it. Their explanation for this can be seen in the screenshot below:

PBN.Hosting’s reply to my email to them, asking about this issue.

This reply shows me two things.

  1. They clearly have no understanding of how CDN hosting works. Which raised big flags to me about what else they do not understand! We use CDN providers that use CNAME records as well. But with us you can add www. without a problem. Because clearly our knowledge and understanding of the whole process is much more advanced than theirs.
  2. They cut corners, damaging the power of their customers PBNs! As I explained in my post about retaining maximum link power for your PBN and also in why not to use SSL on your PBNs just for the sake of it. You should always build your PBN on the original domains URL structure. Using a 301 redirect like PBN.Hosting do. Is a very bad solution. Its an age old fact, that any 301 will reduce the power of your backlinks by 10/20%! Why would you spend all that time on money on a PBN domain, only to have its power reduced by your PBN hosting provider! Therefore, they are damaging the power of their customers PBNs and in turn their chances of ranking properly using PBN SEO!

Personally I find this one aspect alone. Really annoying! Why would you want to pay a high price for a sub-standard hosting service. That then in turn damages your efforts, undoes your hard work and effects on your return on investment. Moreover, they lack of knoweldge on how to properly use CDN providers is very worrying. If they do not understand this one simple element, what else have they missed. And fail to understand when it comes to protecting their customers hosting footprints.

Poor Support & limited scope.

The support hours are limited to 9am to 5pm (UK Time) Monday through to Friday only. These are no way suitable for international customers and most certainly not suitable for anyone like me, that builds many PBNs out on a weekend.

Due to the many issues with their unfinished platform. I found a continued need to request support as nothing was working. I could not get on and build out sites on their. Their support reply times are stupidly slow & very frustrating. One bank Holiday weekend, I submitted a support request at 2pm on Friday. I finally got the reply the following Wednesday at 4pm! Even in a normal working week, I found replies took at least 36 hours at the very best. If there was a need to ping a few replies. It could take a week to get the situation sorted.

I found most of the support replies to be rather a joke and extremely unhelpful to be honest.

Massive Footprints that are a really BIG concern!

The amount of footprints on their hosting platform is really scary. I most certainly not risk my PBN network on there. The sites I put with them where merely test sites that where use to test all their platform and for footprint detection. Never would I put on PBN site I gave a shit about with this provider. Below I will list the most concerning Footprints I discovered.

  1. All sites are hosted on the same servers, with the same single provider. This creates a massive footprint.
  2. All sites are use Must Use Cache plugins. So files are being served from the same cache handlers. What a massive footprint this is and is clear to see it in every site source code.
  3. Server Signatures are not being properly disguised and they have absolutely no variation at all. Please just shoot me!
  4. I could uncover the root IP of every PBN I put on there. Their platform is very badly setup and the whole thing about hiding your sites in the cloud using CDN. Is totally undone by the fact their platform is so badly built that I could recover the source IP of every single site. OH MY GOD!
  5. All your WordPress sites are served as Static HTML sites by default. As I explained in this post about why serving all your WordPress sites as Static HTML is really stupid. Its a real massive disadvantage and creates a big footprint this just undoes everything really. Its really bad for increasing the risk of you PBN. Don’t do it!
  6. I have detected major de-indexing issues with this hosting provider.

As well as those Footprints listed above. There where some others as well. But those are the most concerning to me. What is even more worrying, when I got their automated email after my account with them was cancelled. Asking me why I had left them. I replied telling ‘Johnny’ of the massive footprints I had found. He just ignored my reply and to this very day, he did nothing about them. What an idiot!

How does PBN.Hosting compare to our Hosting solution?

Please note, items shown below in red colour, represent an issue or problem.

Price for 10 sites$10.00$29.00
Price for 100 sites$100.00$199.00
WordPress CMSYESYES – But Never Used!
Static HTML sitesYESYES – Every site, including WP ones are served as Static HTML! Very Bad!
Daily BackupsYESYES – But Does Not Work properly.
Out of Date IP hostingNONo – But Root IP leaks badly – dangerous!
100% Clean IPsYESNO – Due to Root IP leakages
Email FunctionsYESNO
File ManagerYESNO
Database AccessYESNO
Majestic SEO MetricsYESYES
Plugin RestrictionsNOYES
14 Day Free TrialYESNO – Only 7 Days
Top Tier CDNsYES – 6YES – But badly configured and leaks root IP
Free SSL/HttpsYES – OptimisedYES – Standard
Deindexing IssuesNOYES
Hosting FootprintsNOYES – Really bad ones!
Bad NeighbourhoodsNOYES – Within its self due to limited Scope.
AI Driven FootprintsYESNO
AI Driven BalancingYESNO
SEO Help & AdviceYESNO
All Niches AcceptedYESYES
Stable PlatformYESNO
Comparison table of PBN.LTD hosting VS PBN.Hosting

Best Alternative to PBN.Hosting.

We strongly believe that we are the best alternative to We offer a platform that is far more advanced. We eliminate all the footprints and we provide much Cheaper PBN hosting as well. As well as providing full CDN coverage, than unlike theirs. Ours is properly configured and allows for the usage of www. As well as not leaking the origin IP! By far we are the safest place to host PBNs by a very long way.

If you have sites hosted with this company and would like to move them to our safe hosting. Please remember we can assist you with migrations of your PBNs for free. We also provide a guide on how to easily migrate your sites to our hosting as well. If you need any help or assistance. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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