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In our PBN information category you will find in-depth information relating to all manner of PBN related topics. Including things such as; technical information, getting the most power from your domains, tips on how to build a PBN, advice relating to general PBN topics. And all manner of other interesting PBN information. All of which can be extremely useful, helpful and stop you from falling in to known pitfalls by accident.

Learn everything you need to know about Private Blog Networks. Discover hints, tips and best PBN practices. This information can be invaluable to both you & your PBNs. Written by PBN experts that really want you to succeed. Reading through our posts, you will discover some really interesting information about PBNs. Written to both help & educate you. So you can increase you PBN knowledge. And really ensure that you are getting the best from your PBNs.

You may also find out general SEO advice section interesting as well. The information in that category, is more about your money site. Which is of course one of the most important elements. So its well worth a read through. This section focuses on the actual PBNs themselves. And all the major factors around them.

What content should I put on my PBN

When creating content for your PBNs. Its super important to use very high quality PBN content articles. In this Post we give you tips and advice on using the best SEO content on your PBN. And where you can buy it cheaply if needed.

How to power up your PBN

Getting maximum power from your PBN is essential if you want to achieve top rankings. There are some well tested tips & tricks that I want to share with you. Therefore, helping you to give your PBN the ultimate power up. I have already given you some tips on how to maintain maximum link juice…
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Best Metrics for selecting PBN domains

When it comes to finding PBN domains. You need to be sure your are getting those with the best SEO metrics behind them. After all your PBN domains are the most important single element of your entire private blog network. There are very few SEO metrics that matter these days to be honest with you.…
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Do not use SSL on your PBN website just for the sake of it. It can be a big mistake!

Many people use SSL on their PBN websites when they should not be doing so. This new craze of everyone using SSL has all come about. Simply because Google said it could give a ranking boost. But using it on your PBN sites could be a very big mistake! You are not looking for a…
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How to restore a website from WayBack Machine Archive

Sometimes you may want to restore an expired PBN domain to its former glory. One of the best way to do this, is to restore it from the WayBack Machine Archive. This will give you more or less, the complete website contents from before it expired. In the rare cases, you may find they blocked…
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Are PBNs Illegal

I have seen the question ‘is PBN Illegal’ asked many times. The simple answer is no they are in no way at all illegal. Having your own Private Blog Network is totally legal. I am not sure why anyone would think they are illegal, because they simply are not. I feel its a very strange…
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Do PBN Links Work

PBN links work very well and will remain to do so in the future. The power you can get from PBN links is the best. Not to mention the fact you have full control over PBN links from start to finish. This makes PBN links the most favourable links to be built in all SEO…
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How to retain maximum link juice & trust when building your PBN websites

It is important that you build your PBN website correctly to ensure you preserve and retain the maximum amount of link juice in your PBN website. The more you preserve and equity you create, the more power you will be able to pass on in your outbound links. Following the rules of how you should…
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What is a PBN and How you should build one.

A PBN is shorthand for Private Blog Network. They are best described as a collection of websites that are all owned by the same person but made not to look that way. Their sole purpose is to be used to create backlinks to websites for SEO reasons. With the aim of increasing that website’s positions…
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PBN Footprints to be thinking about

There are numerous PBN footprints that need to be avoided. Of course, your PBN hosting footprints is one such major massive one. But there are several others that are either misunderstood by people or not really thought about. So, I wanted to write a clear post for you all, to clear up some things and…
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Should I block bots in my PBN

In general, no. I do not block the link crawlers in my PBN networks. I personally do not advise it, simply because its not natural for sites to block all crawlers unless there is a technical reason for it. On some money sites I might block them, because malicious bots and crawlers abuse the band…
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Can my PBN networks be reported by my competitors to Google

Many of you out there live in fear of your PBN’s being reported to google using the spam report. Many of you also wonder if this can and does happen? I am going to share with you something from my own personal trials about this matter and hopefully clear this matter up once and for…
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Are PBNs safe

Despite some of the things you may have read. PBNs are extremely safe to use. In fact, I would go as far as to say. They are the absolute safest form of SEO there is. Why do I say this you may wonder? Let me give you some key points as to why PBNs are…
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Learn about Private blog network seo, its effects, its uses & its costs. PBN LTD has extensive knowledge of private blog networks. Here is a summary of some of the most frequently asked questions about pbn seo. Reading though them will help you get a much better understanding of it. And where it can be…
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What is a cloudflare PBN

Are you wondering what is a cloudflare PBN? Basically its a pbn website network that is masked by using the ever popular Cloudflare CDN service. PBN websites are hosted in various places and Cloudflare is used to try and hide the fact all the sites are owned by the same person etc. What a lot…
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