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Learn about Private blog network seo, its effects, its uses & its costs. PBN LTD has extensive knowledge of private blog networks. Here is a summary of some of the most frequently asked questions about pbn seo. Reading though them will help you get a much better understanding of it. And where it can be used and the associated costs of building a pbn network. Moreover, get an idea of how many pbn links you will need to rank your website.

Remember when you’re a customer of our Private blog network hosting platform. You are entitled to Free SEO help & advice. Thus ensuring your get the very best results from your PBN SEO.

What is PBN SEO?

pbn seo is a method used to rank a website in search engines. It consists of a network of websites built to produce backlinks to your money site e.g the website you want to rank. Its a very well used method and is used by the top seo agencies around the world. As well as private individuals that want to rank their own websites. PBN SEO is usually used for high value niches or those that have advertising restrictions placed upon them.

Does PBN SEO work?

You can count on it! It’s the only guaranteed ranking method in the world. Of course like any SEO method. It needs to be done correctly. But believe me when I tell you, Private blog network SEO is the daddy of rankings!

Is PBN SEO safe?

There are lots of factors that must be done correctly. Hosting footprints is a major one of course. If you do it properly, then yes it’s 100% safe in every possible way. We have over 18000 PBN websites of our own. We have not EVER had one website de-indexed or one manual penalty on a money site. So if you use our free advice & use our hosting platform. You are super safe, trust me!

Is PBN SEO expensive?

No it’s not, not for the results you will get from it! It’s important you source your domains, content and hosting correctly. If you go through the main channels, you will spend 1000’s more than you need to. Remember we can help you with all these things for free! Thus ensuring you get the best quality pbn’s at the best possible prices. Making it super cost effective for you.

How much does PBN SEO cost?

Depending on the amount of links your website needs to rank to the top. The cost will vary. Lets take an average keyword in in English language. You will need maybe 50 PBN links from strong domains to hit the top. Giving a massive return on your investment of course.
This is what it would cost me to build that network out personally.

50 x super strong domains @ $30 each = $1500
Content – wrote myself @ $0.00
Hosting – $50.00 per month
Total cost for intial setup – $1550
Monthly costs ongoing – $50

I can pass all this advice on to you for free of course, so you too can replicate this. You do not need to build all 50 at once, you could for example build 10 a month or 5 a month & keep your budget lower and still get the results in a few months!

What are the advantages of PBN SEO?

You control every element of it! There are no monthly ongoing costs outside of your hosting of course. The advantages of having every element of your private blog network under your control, is priceless! This means you control all the backlinks to your website fully. So little shifts in ranking algorithms can be adjusted with absolute ease. Ensuring longevity of your rankings and the most substantial return on your investment. You can also ensure the continued quality of your websites backlinks at all times.

When should PBN SEO be used?

The simple answer is anytime you want a guaranteed ranking for your website! Many niches are blocked or heavily restricted from pay per click advertising. E.g Gambling, Adult, e-cigarettes, Pharma & others. So the one way to succeed in these niches is to acquire yourself top rankings for your keywords & products. This is when pbn seo is essential!
Furthermore, some PPC keywords are so highly priced it makes it impossible to compete with the established ‘big names’. So the best way to compete is to gain solid search engine rankings and avoid PPC for those keywords. This is another area where pbn seo is highly used and extremely valuable to you. Increasing your return on investment and sales massively.
Private blog networks are also used heavily for affiliate marketing. As they are the best & cheapest way to rank the pages containing affiliate links. And to ensure maximum return on investment along the way.

Are their long term cost savings of PBN SEO?

Yes for sure there are! Firstly, you can cut down or even stop all together your Pay per click marketing. Because when you have top serp placements in the major search engines, the traffic you will receive are true money makers. So the cost savings long term of PBN SEO are substantial.
Secondly, there is no SEO agency to be paying.
Of course you need to ensure you build and host your blog network correctly to ensure its kept save and indexed long term. We can help with you with this and ensure your private blog networks stand the test of time!

How many PBN links will I need?

Its an impossible question to answer without knowing the exact keywords your chasing. But I will give you a few examples based on real life position #1, #2 or #3 search engine rankings using only PBN links.
Keyword: UK webcam girls = 140
Keyword: Ahrefs review = 20
Keyword: Majestic seo review = 19
Keyword: London escorts = 260
Keyword: Cheap electronic cigarettes = 115
Keyword: Luxury handbags = 300
Keyword: Hairdresser Birmingham = 30
Keyword: seo agency new York = 180
Keyword: MOT centre Manchester = 150
Keyword: best seo tools = 120
Keyword: Haulage company Glasgow = 60
Keyword: London private hire = 130
Keyword: Taxi Madrid = 95
Keyword: Sex toys = 350
Keyword: best vibrators = 140
Keyword: hair extensions Birmingham = 70
Keyword: spray tan London = 85
Keyword: best Christmas toys = 240
Keyword: iPhone cases = 400
Keyword: Italian restaurant Paris = 200
Keyword: Holiday cottages Lincolnshire = 48
Keyword: PPC management London = 240
Keyword: Logistics company Berlin = 88

If you would like a more personalised answer. Specifically to your niche and keywords, we can assist you of course for free once you are our customer.

Can PBN SEO be used in any language?

Yes it most certainly can be. Its not limited to one language or version of Google. You can use Private blog networks to rank a website in any language & search engine you desire.

Can you help me with PBN seo?

Yes we would be proud to help you. When your a paying customer of our PBN hosting service. We will assist you in any way we can. Therefore offering you advice, help and assistance on all elements of pbn seo. Moreover, making sure you succeed at your project and that everything is done correctly from start to finish. Including onsite seo, domain acquisitions and so forth. Our help is totally personalised to your exact needs and always free.

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