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Seekahost PBN hosting Review – Very bad! Find Your Best Alternative to Seekahost!

Seekahost PBN hosting review alternative

Seekahost is a well established Cheap PBN hosting provider that has been around for some time. I have been monitoring sites hosted with Seekahost for years now and I wanted to share with you the most factual review on Seekahost.

Overview of Seekahost PBN Hosting.

Sadly I must start this review, by stating very strongly that what they provide is very misleading. It is not proper PBN hosting by any stretch of the imagination. What they are providing is the type of old out of date separate IP class hosting that died with the original Google updates back in 2012. I can only assume that the company behind them, rebranded themselves to target the PBN market. And now are very misleadingly selling their shitty blocks of dirty IPs as suitable for PBNs.

This style of hosting seekahost are using is dead, dangerous and if you give a shit about your PBNs, then you need to really wake up and avoid this type of outdated hosting. Please refer to the following two posts for more details, as Seekahost is all the bad things I point out in them. And some more bad things on top of that!

Post 1: Why hosting your PBNs on separate IPs is not enough to keep them safe!

Post 2: Why not to use out of date C-Class IP hosting!

Why Seekahost PBN hosting should be avoided at all costs.

Unlike us, they offer low prices because Seekahost cuts every possible corner. Instead of removing the risk, putting your websites on Seekahost puts your PBN at the greatest risk possible. It is proven to me with fact, that Seekahost is by far the most dangerous host to put PBNs with. We take great pride in providing the safest PBN hosting on the market. We do it at the lowest prices, but we do not cut corners. Sadly Seekahost is not even on the same planet as our solutions & they put risk inside risk and then add an extra layer of risk to that. They are the worst!

Some of the reasons Seekahost is so bad, high risk and just needs to be avoided always.

  1. All their IPs are used only for PBN websites. Making them extremely easy for Google to detect. Putting you 100% in to bad neighbourhoods before you have even built your site.
  2. There is no layer of protection with them at all. Seekahost stick your sites on Dirty IPs and hang you out to dry. Sure you may be ok with some of their newer IPs for a little while. But the amount of overselling there will ensure your IPs are dirty in no time.
  3. The sites on their network are the most spammy I have seen in any single network. Even if you build nice clean PBNs, they wont last long before they are tainted by other poor quality sites on the same IP as yours.
  4. Seekahost has the worst de-indexing rate of any PBN host by an unbelievable amount.
  5. Your sharing IPs with spammy link sellers, bringing massive attention to the IP your websites are also on.
  6. Their IP blocks have been assigned a long time ago. Just imagine how many SEO/PBN sites and link networks have already been on the IPs they are selling you. Both shared & dedicated. Sites with manual penalties, de-indexed sites etc. Do you really want to put your PBN on one of these dirty IPs!
  7. Its extremely easy to get the entire IP range of all the sites that customers of Seekahost have websites on. Now I am not one with bad intentions. But if I where, I could spam all their users PBNs, hack them, blackmail them and just piss all over them and really F**k them up badly. When PBNers are probably the most paranoid seo crew of them all, I personally would not sleep at night knowing that it was so easy for someone to discover, attack and mess my PBN sites. Well sadly if you host with Seekahost you are at serious risk.
  8. They use C-panel – which leaks the root IP of any website anyway and leaves massive footprints all over the place.
  9. Seekahost do not have any form of natural server signatures in their HTTP headers. The more sites you add there, the bigger the risk and footprints become. Very dangerous!
  10. They are not doing anything at all to balance footprints or to give their customers websites a natural looking hosting profile. The IP is just one small part of your hosting footprint. Do not fall for their bullshit, Seekahost are the highest risk & most dangerous host their is. The footprints created by hosting your PBNs are gigantic! Which part Explains their extremely high de-indexing rates.
  11. Every time you add a site to Seekahost, you are creating the exact same hosting footprint for every site, the only thing you can change is you can use one of their different dirty IPs. Which changes just a small fraction of your overall hosting profile. Sadly they scam people in to thinking that Changing the IP is all you need to do. That is not the case and if you want to host your PBNs safely, then you must understand that the IP is just one small thing! With Seekahost there is no protection at all and no balancing of your hosting profile at all!
  12. Seekahost encourage the use of private name servers. This should never be used for PBN. It was for money sites and nothing more. Using private name servers will increase your PBN footprints heavily. Its really very stupid to use custom name servers in this manner. They are glued also to IPs, just making sure you put even more risk on your sites. Really very very stupid!
Seekahost PBN hosting review

Ok So what is the best alternative to Seekahost?

We believe that our PBN hosting service is the best alternative to Seekahost. Not only are we cheaper, but we give you so much more for your money than they do! It is no secret that our hosting is the safest in the world. We take care of every little element of your hosting profile. And the more sites you add with us, the more diverse and safer your private blog network will become. Furthermore, our AI works hard to ensure your hosting footprint is automatically balanced and totally natural at all times.

How Seekahost compares to PBN LTD Hosting.

Here is a comparison between our hosting and theirs. So you can get a better side by side view of how things match up here.

Please note, items shown below in red colour, represent an issue or problem.

Price for 10 sites$10.00$14.00
Price for 100 sites$100.00$130.00
Static HTML sitesYESYES
Daily BackupsYESNO
Out of Date IP hostingNOYES – dangerous!
100% Clean IPsYESNO
Email FunctionsYESNO
File ManagerYES – CustomC-panel -Dangerous!
Database AccessYES – CustomC-panel -Dangerous!
Majestic SEO MetricsYESNO
Plugin RestrictionsNOYES
14 Day Free TrialYESYES
Top Tier CDNsYES – 6NO
Free SSL/HttpsYES – OptimisedYES – Standard
Deindexing IssuesNOYES – MASSIVE!
Bad NeighbourhoodsNOYES – VERY BAD!
AI Driven FootprintsYESNO
AI Driven BalancingYESNO
SEO Help & AdviceYESNO
All Niches AcceptedYESNO
C-PanelNO – It’s high risk!YES – OMG!
Easy to detectNOYES – VERY!
Limited HostingUnlimited Space & bandwidthYes – Restricted space & bandwidth
Bad NeighbourhoodsNO – Never!YES – 100%!
A table to show your how Seekahost compares to our hosting solutions.

I hope my very honest and to the point review of Seekahost PBN hosting has opened your eyes to the factual substantial risks involved in using them. If you are seeking the best alternative to Seekahost then we must be very seriously considered. With us, not only will you save money, but you will also move from high risk to the lowest risk in the industry.

Please remember we offer free migrations from Seekahost to our own servers for our customers if needed. You can read more about our migrations here.

If you have any questions or would like to understand more about anything I have said here. Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me directly. I am always happy to engage and clarify where needed 🙂

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