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Track all your outbound backlinks, Bulk edit and delete in seconds.

Track your outbound links

Here at PBN LTD we have an excellent feature that is included in our PBN hosting dashboard at no additional cost to our users. This exceptional PBN link tracker, allows you to automatically track all the outbound links from your private blog networks. Including the anchor text used.

You can access the feature from inside your dashboard. As shown below in the screenshot.

PBN link Tracker
A screenshot of how to access the PBN Link Tracker function, from inside your main dashboard.

Once selected, it will then show you all the different sites you are linking out to. And you can drill down to see more detailed information. Such as anchors, how many times linked out too, how many times each anchor text used, which sites are linking out to the websites etc. As well as being able to bulk edit or delete the backlinks in one click. Some more functions are detailed below also.

You can also select a single site from your dashboard, by clicking on its name. You will be taken to the site overview screen for that website. From here you can also view all the websites that this one site links out too. See the screenshot below:

Website backlink tracker.
Screenshot from single site overview.

From the screen shown above. You can perform a number of actions. Including editing the link without visiting the website. Deleting the link or mass selecting a number of links and deleting them. You can also see when it was created, how many posts on that website are linking out to that website and how many anchors are being used etc.

Some Useful actions that can be performed on your backlinks.

There are several functions built in to this backlink tracking feature. Here are a list of some of the most notable ones.

  • Delete one or more backlinks at a click of the button.
  • Edit back links (Anchor or URL etc) individually or in bulk.
  • Easily see when you last placed links to a certain website.
  • View anchors used and the amount of times you have used them.
  • Easily see which of your PBNs already have an outbound link to a website. so you can easily add new links to sites that do not have one to that website at present.

And you can do all of this, without even entering the website! You can control it all from right inside our dashboard. I am sure you will agree this is a very useful feature. And is something that is going to be loved by SEO agencies, Link sellers and private individuals alike.

The database is updated once per day. So if you just placed a back link. It will not show in the link tracker until the next sync update runs.

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