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What is a PBN and How you should build one.

what is a pbn and how to build a pbn website

A PBN is shorthand for Private Blog Network. They are best described as a collection of websites that are all owned by the same person but made not to look that way. Their sole purpose is to be used to create backlinks to websites for SEO reasons. With the aim of increasing that website’s positions in search engine results pages. Otherwise known as a website’s rankings. They are usually built in WordPress on expired domains that contain good link juice to pass on. Or in some circumstances they are built using premium auction domains that has a strong existing backlink profile.

How should I build my PBN Website?

Ok so you have got some good domains, ready to go. What now you may be thinking? Now it is time to build out the PBN website and get your links placed. Well there are several things to take into consideration when building out the actual website. Some are of course more important than others. But nonetheless you need to think about them all.


  1. Select a very good PBN hosting provider. This is super important! You can read an explanation as what this type of hosting is here.
  2. Understand what Footprints you need to be thinking about and what not to worry about. You can read more about PBN footprints in my other post.
  3. Prepare your content ready to build the sites out.
  4. Prepare any images and videos you will be including.
  5. If your going to use a logo on your website. Prepare it fully.
  6. Understand what links your placing out of them, get them ready – Anchors & URLs planned fully. So, you can just add them easily at build time.

The Build Process.

  1. Select a good template that is NOT a blog style template. Remember these sites need to be built like a money site. So, they should have a proper home page, contact page, blog etc on them. Do not under any circumstances build the sites with just posts on the home page! That is PBN suicide!
  2. Set up the template ready for the build. Select any options needed, add your favicon, a logo if your going to use one.
  3. Create the pages and add the content as you have prepared in the previous step. Ensure your home page has a good amount of content that is totally unique and on topic to properly craft your blog and its powers.
  4. Ensure you use internal linking on your PBN sites just like you would on a normal website. So make sure you’re adding internal links as well.
  5. Place your links. It is important that you add the outbound links (including the ones to your money site) at the time you add the original content. Do not come back and add them later. It is much better you include them from the very start and let Google index them with the first page/post index it makes.
  6. Select the desired plugins and install them. Activate them and ensure you configure them as needed.
  7. Ensure you have a robots.txt file included, and it is not blocking anything it should not be. Personally, I just use the standard WP one. No need to edit it at all.

After build.

  1. Run your PBN site though a mobile friendly test. Ensure it renders ok and your template etc is not causing any rendering issues. As these could later affect your indexing. So best to check it from the start.
  2. Keep an eye on the indexing of your PBN sites. You can do this using the simple site search by entering Google the following. Site: Make sure you check the pages are indexed and that the new meta titles are showing. So, you do not think a page is indexed, when it was the old version. So be sure it shows the new meta title etc.
  3. If after one month the site is not indexing. It could be a sign you have brought a penalised domain. You have two options here. A) you set up a GWMT account that is not connected to any other site and is totally never been used before and never will be used again! You hook the site up and check if it has any manual actions on it. If it does, just move the whole site to another domain and delete this one and forget it. B) this also applies if you have done Option A and there are no manual actions showing. You can acquire some free easy links for the PBN to push the indexing along.
  4. The need to carry out regular mainatnce is very over rated. There is no need to carry out regimental updates to your PBN websites. Just random ones at different times. Certainly not monthly that’s for sure.

Examples of PBN website formats.

Here is an example of what your PBN websites home page should not look like!

This is a modern blog only homepage. Its an example of how you should NOT be building your PBN website!

Here is an example of what a good homepage of your PBN website should look like.

In the example above, you can enter your home page text where it says ‘this is headline widget’ & this is the perfect place to put it. Make it a good quality bit of writing, really 1000 words or more to give it some real substance.

Now you know both what a PBN is and how you should build the websites inside of your PBN. If you have any more in-depth questions or things you are not sure about. Please remember that all our customers are entitled to FREE PBN help & advice. So, if you want more expert knowledge to assist you in your success. Do not hesitate to reach out to me!

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