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What is PBN hosting?

What is pbn hosting

PBN hosting is a special type of hosting that is built for the purpose of those that want to run Private Blog Networks (PBN for short). It has features that are very different to standard hosting. As it is designed for this one specific purpose in mind. PBN hosting is engineered to remove hosting footprints. As well as offer other time saving features & functions that are only associated with PBN websites. Like with any hosting solution, the quality of it varies from one company to the next. PBN hosting replaces the old, now very out of date, c-class IP hosting and other SEO hosting options.

It can be referred to as the new generation of SEO hosting for link networks. As the big search engines, such as google, evolve. Hosting providers need to evolve with it. PBN Websites are a big enemy of Google and they put in place several new methods. To both detect and destroy them in recent years. What PBN hosting does (well some of them anyway) is it removes the common hosting footprints so auto detection on this front is not possible for the likes of Google. In the process of doing this, your origin servers IP is masked along with many other server & DNS footprints. You are then not running the risk of sharing dirty IP’s or placing your PBN sites in bad neighbourhoods. Instead your websites are hidden if you like, amidst millions of real-world websites. Making it the safest way to host your Private blog networks in the modern age.

As well as removing these hosting Footprints. PBN hosting providers also normally include many other features to ensure that building and managing PBN’s become easier for you.

For example, we include the following with our PBN Hosting.

  • Central management dashboard for all your PBN domains & websites.
  • One click deployment that will spin up your WordPress blogs in seconds. No need to go and install WordPress yourself.
  • Automatic updating of your plugins and the core CMS.
  • Daily backups are also included saving you more time.
  • Built in SEO metrics from Majestic SEO for all your PBN domains hosted with us.
  • One Click Domain name change.
  • One click login to your WP admin.
  • Premium DNS options.
  • Premium CDN options.
  • AI balanced footprints to ensure the worlds most comprehensive server footprint removal and balancing.
  • File manager & full database access.
  • Next Generation PBN hosting.

Please be careful you select an actual PBN Hosting provider & not one of the old school C-Class SEO hosting companies that are trying to keep up with us. By simply re-branding their old and out of date hosting options as PBN hosting!

You can read more about why you should avoid these c-class hosting companies in a recent post of mine. They are not good and not safe at all. For sure the safest and most cost-effective way to host your private blog networks is by using the hosting that has truly been built for you to do so. Such as ours!

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