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What SEO metrics are included?

Majestic SEO metrics for free

As part of our PBN hosting service. We provide free SEO metrics for all your domains, at no additional cost. The metrics we include are pulled directly from Majestic SEO. You will get full TF and LRD metrics from them.

In our experience of PBNs majestic are the only metrics that mean anything at all, when selecting and monitoring you PBN domains. So this is why we include them for free. Metrics like Moz are absolutely useless. Ahrefs is great for monitoring backlinks, but their DR etc is not worth anything at all in our experience. The worst most spammy PBN domains can look really good inside Ahrefs lol. Where as Majestics Trust flow is much more accurate in general for sure. So this is why we use it inside our dashboard for you.

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