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Why hosting your pbns on separate ips is not enough to keep them safe! Please Listen!

Why hosting your pbns on separate ips is not enough to keep them safe

I am writing this post today to hopefully make you understand why hosting your PBNs on a separate IP is just not enough to keep them safe! The amount of people that are coming to me asking me about IPs is overwhelming to say the very least. I truly had no idea until now, just how misunderstood PBN hosting and the use of IPs truly is!!!!!!!!

I have seen many times previously in various forum threads & online posts. Where people are saying you must host your PBNs each on a unique IP. Although to some extent this is sort of true, it seems to be leading to a massive misunderstanding about how they should be used. And an even bigger misunderstanding of safety!

Let me explain some things to you again about using separate IP’s that are being sold by various companies out there as PBN hosting, when its just not!

I have covered the risks of using out of date c-class IP seo hosting before, but it seems to have not been enough to educate people properly to what is safe PBN hosting and what is out of date bullshit separate IP hosting, Which is as about as safe as sex without a condom in an Aids clinic! Now I am sure that if you where in an aids clinic, you would not just stick your manhood in to anything without thinking first?! So why the hell do you put your PBNs on this separate IP style dangerous hosting without even thinking! The frustration I personally feel with the lack of understanding about footprints and IPs is overwhelming at times.

Some facts that you must comprehend once and for all. If you want to host your PBNs safely for longevity!

  1. IPs are only one part of a hosting footprint! They are NOT the only footprint! There are many many other things that could link your PBN websites together and get them busted. The IP is just one part of it. So all this, put them on separate IP and you will be fine rubbish needs to stop! For a simple but important example. You could be on the same hosting servers, but on separate IP’s. But the server signatures will all be the same. Google sees these server signatures each time it requests a page from your website. So that alone will link your websites together. Having them on a separate IP only means absolutely F**K all! Lets not even mention MX records, DNS records, SSL Certs & 100 other things that could also link them together & that is just from the hosting side of things!
  2. You have all your sites on dedicated IPs (even inside a VPS or dedicated server) – It doesn’t matter!!!!! All the other things that could link your websites together are still there. The IP being different is just 5% of the game. So why everyone seems to be thinking that this 5% is actually 95% is beyond me! Its not 95%!!! Its 5% and nothing more! In fact having dedicated IPs can be even worse, as your the only site on that IP and it will make your PBNs stand out even more! Its absolutely stupid to be doing these things!!!!
  3. Using IPs (be it shared or dedicated) from PBN hosting companies that are offering separate A, B Or C-class IPs must be avoided like the plague! They are the coronavirus of PBN hosting providers! Every single site on these IPs are PBNs! Their entire IP blocks are dirty & every site you host with them is deployed instantly to a bad neighbourhood!!!! Only yesterday I was speaking to a gentlemen that had just put 30 sites with Seekahost and after reading my post about avoiding C-class hosting. He checked the IPs he was provided and saw for himself that there are many sites on these IPs, every single one is a PBN! This is NOT how you safely host your Private Blog Networks! Its PBN suicide of the highest possible degree. Its a ticking time bomb waiting to explode trust me.
  4. If you host your PBNs on the above type of hosting. You need to understand that these hosts are a massive target for Google. All they need to do is catch one, run a reverse lookup on the IP and they discover every PBN on that IP. They will bust them all and unless your extremely lucky, you will find a not so nice manual penalty on your money site as well. This type of hosting died out years ago. But recently its been rebranded as PBN hosting and due to the misleading guidance about using separate IP hosting. They seem to be popular. This hosting was used back in the late 90’s early 00’s to mainly host money sites on, so the actual money sites where not detected as having the same owner. Since this time Google algorithms have changed massively. They have got smarter and better at detecting these link networks. These SEO hosts are a well know target and super easy to detect. You only need one person on their hosting with whom you share an IP to get busted and you will get F***ked over as well. Or even be using one of their dedicated IPs that has previously been busted. Now why anyone wants to risk this, I am just unable to comprehend. Its not like any savvy SEO doesn’t know that these separate A/B/C-classes are dangerous, out of date and to use is the kiss of death!
  5. Stop using separate IP SEO hosting!

A brief comparison as to why our PBN hosting is very different to these out of date providers.

Your sites are not on one static IP. They are hosted on millions of dynamic IPs. These IPs belong to the biggest network of DNS & CDN providers in the world. Between them these IPs serve 80% of all daily traffic served on the internet! So what does this mean:

  1. Your PBN sites are hidden among millions of real world natural websites. They are not hosted on IPs that are full of other PBN websites. Instead you share millions of IPs with real world, big traffic websites.
  2. As your website is always served from the closest CDN pop, your websites to Google will always be hosted locally. So if your in the UK, when google bot visits it will be served from one of many UK Dynamic IPs. I repeat these IPs are shared with millions of real world websites.
  3. There are no dirty IPs or bad neighbourhoods with us. Its absolutely impossible to have either of these when you host with us. How can it happen when you share the IPs of not just millions of real websites, but all the biggest 100000 websites in the world will have an IP you have access to. So there is no risk at all of dirty IPs or bad neighbourhoods when you host your PBNs with us!
  4. Server IPs are a thing of the past! And we ensure your PBNs are hosted in the smartest, safest and most cost effective manner.
  5. I have a PBN network that is worth over £2 Million UK pounds. Trust me when I tell you, no one knows better than me how to host and protect a PBN network!
  6. In addition to the IPs, we look at over 106 different Footprints that could connect your websites together. We take care of every single one of them automatically for you. The bigger your PBN website network grows, the smarter we become.
  7. We are the only PBN hosting company with AI technology behind your websites. Automatically balancing, adding, removing and doing all sorts of clever things to ensure your PBNs are the safest they have and could ever be! One of the biggest mistakes I see other hosting providers make, is they remove so many footprints, then they say its Footprint free. Well no, they are creating a un-natural footprint by removing them all! Instead we balance your PBNs completely to give them a real natural hosting profile to Google. One that keeps them safe, hidden and undetachable!

Conclusion to the matter.

Do not use old SEO style out of date separate IP hosting. Stop thinking that separate IPs will keep you safe, when 99% of the time they actually put you at more risk! Think before you put your PBN sites on just any old hosting. Remember there a large number of Footprints that can link your sites together, IPs is just one part of it!

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