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Why not to use c-class IP seo hosting

C-class IP SEO PBN hosting

If your hosting your PBN’s on separate A-class, B-class or C-class IP’s – STOP NOW!

The method of hosting your private blog network websites on separate A/B/C- class IPS is very out of date! It was used many years ago and sold as SEO hosting. Since this time, many things have changed. Including the link network algorithms of search engines. They can detect simple footprints very easily and can de-index all of the sites on an entire webhosts network! Not just yours! This can be very easily carried out, by simple reverse engineering of their IP pools. Trust me this has been done many times already. Proving how out of date separate c-class hosting really is.

The idea once was. By putting all your seo websites on a separate IP, you would not be detected by Google as a link network. Well in part it was true, but the problem is the IP’s get dirty. To be able to sell a dedicated IP at under $3. There is no way you are the only one its being sold to. No matter what the hosting company is telling you, its not true! They could never sell them out at 80 cents and make a profit, its just not possible.

Unless of course they are selling the same IP 100 times over! Which is exactly what they are doing. And in the process of doing so, they are putting you at a very serious risk! This means, there are loads of other SEO or Private blog network websites sharing your IP! All it takes for one to come under manual review from Google and your whole network is hit with a manual penalty.

The worst thing is it does not have to be your website that starts the manual review process. It can be ANY OF THE WEBSITES YOU SHARE THE IP with. Google simply looks at the other websites on the same IP, sees they too are link networks and your all-in trouble.

It can also risk your websites hosted on other hosts, even the mainstream hosted sites. Because once you give Google an in-road to your network, they just follow the link trail. And your network is finished! All your hard work, money and effort finished! Why would you want to risk using this type of hosting anymore! To me its totally idiotic to use such hosting really. It’s so last decade!

Avoid Bad Neighbourhoods & Dirty IP’s!

You may have heard the term bad neighbourhoods and dirty IP’s. This is exactly what people are talking about when using these terms. You can do everything correct, but if someone else who is in the same neighbourhood or sharing the same IP does not. They will bring you all down! Furthermore, these companies usually buy their IP’s in blocks. So, when one dirty IP is detected, it is very easy to start looking at other blocks in the same IP range. So, they can go through a whole hosting companies IP blocks very easily. Looking at other parts of their IP ranges, where tons of other link network sites are being hosted as well. Making it very easy for Google to detect and burn you all. Therefore, you must no matter what, avoid at all costs these types of hosting for your PBN’s!

Some of these hosting companies make is sounds very attractive. Statements like ‘host you PBNs on 2000 different IP’s’. Makes it sounds good doesn’t it? But the reality is you just as well cram all your sites on one IP. As this type of hosting provides no protection and is constantly at risk from getting you de-indexed. It is not what it appears on the inside. The truth is, they are cheap poor-quality SEO hosts and the only people that loves them in the long term is Google! Because they are offering your link networks to them on a plate, ready to be slapped with nasty manual penalties.

You may have websites already on separate C-class IPs. But trust me, if you have not had a problem yet, its only a matter of time until you do!
To make matters even worse. Most of these types of host sell over stacked C-panel hosting accounts. The worst of the worst for SEO hosting. Footprints as big as giant all over the place. That is a subject for another day. But using Separate C-class IP hosting coupled with C-panel, you just as well put a spam report into Google yourself and grass up your own link network. It’s that dangerous seriously!

Some De-indexing facts

I personally been crawling and monitoring hundred of thousands of PBNs and link networks over the past 2 decades. The data I have is extensive and the following figures come from my own findings.

In the past 5 years alone.

80% of all private blog networks I have watched get de-indexed have been hosted on this exact type of hosting. I am talking about separate C-class, A-class & B-class IP hosting!

90% of all of these separate IP’s had been sold multiple times to different people.

40% of these IP’s have been resold to other hosting companies and used again.

A very large number of de-indexed websites where those of customers, that where sold this by companies that claim to be safe and specialise in PBN hosting. One even claims to be super secured with over 11k customers. I bet their 11k customers would love to know that their de-indexing rate is the highest in the industry by over 1200%!

The problem is. Because PBNs are against the so called ‘rules’. People when they get their websites de-indexed think its something they have done. They do not point the finger at the shitty IP’s they have been sold. Which is very often the case. The hosting you choose for you PBNs should be totally safe and clean. There should be no doubt about this! Whichever one you decide you. Please avoid these IP sellers like the plague!

What IP’s does our hosting service provide?

PBN.LTD provides millions of clean dynamic IP’s. We do not serve your websites from a static IP. The server root IP is totally hidden from Google. Therefore, ensuring your never in any bad neighbourhood or running the risk of a dirty IP!

You will share the dynamic IP’s of the biggest hosting and CDN providers in the world. Making it impossible to detect your network or reverse engineer your PBN’s. You websites are totally hidden in the cloud. Your PBN site will sit in between millions of real-world Money sites. Yes, real clean non pbn websites. Plus the IP your sites are served from are always local to the web crawler or person visiting them. So there is no need to seek out locally based IPs!

Simply put, there is no risk of bad neighbourhoods, no dirty IP’s and most definitely no trails for Google to reverse engineer. We have an absolute 0% de-indexing rate and we are very proud of it. IP’s are not the only footprint to be worried about. So we take care of all of them as well.

What we provide is the best value for money PBN hosting in the market. Which is super safe, secure and fast. The best PBN hosting by a very long way.

You can think of our service as next generation seo hosting. Where science beats science. Using our AI algorithm to balance all your footprints, not just the IP!

Therefore, making certain you do not have to worry about being automatically detected by a Google algorithm! Or suffering by being in a bad neighbourhood! No more sharing oversold dirty IP’s! Keep is safe, keep it!

Since I wrote this post, I have expanded again on the dangers of this to try and dispel some of the misunderstanding around using separate IPs. Please take a look at why hosting your PBNs on separate IPs is not enough to keep them safe! If you do not understand how dangerous it is already, please take a read and try to grasp what I am telling you.

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