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Why using a PBN Hosting provider that serves all your WordPress PBNs as static HTML is really stupid!

Why not to use Static HTML providers for your PBNs

There are some PBN hosting providers out there. That despite marketing them selves as WordPress PBN hosting. They undo all the advantages of using WordPress & create a unnecessary dangerous footprint. They do all of this by serving all your WordPress sites as Static HTML. Its really stupid and you should not use these providers. Let me explain why:

WordPress drives over 30% of all the websites in the world. Now that is a hell of a lot of sites. So having a PBN built only on WordPress is a very very small footprint. Its certainly not enough on its own to cause you any problems or cause algorithmic detection of your network.

Now although all sites use HTML output of some form. The amount of websites built only in Static HTML is very low! Most likely somewhere around 0.2% of all websites in the world. Now having a PBN that uses only Static HTML is very dangerous. It creates a massively high footprint that could very well be high enough to get your Private Blog Network smashed by Google! This is certainly one of the PBN footprints you need to think about!

So these PBN hosting companies, that serve all your WordPress sites. Converted to Static HTML are really stupid and you really should avoid them at all costs. As they are taking off a very big part of your disguise and leaving you totally out in the open.

There are other 3rd party providers that offer a platform. Where as you build your sites in WordPress, but they push them to your hosting provider as Static HTML. When using these for Private Blog Networks. You are creating a really high risk that you should not be risking really. There is no point using WordPress or any other popular CMS as part of your networks disguise and then undo it all by using these providers. I can not say anything more, than its just really stupid to do this or to use these providers in this way.

Are there any advantages to Static HTML PBNs?

Yes there are some advantages. In my own networks, just to keep the Footprint more natural. I build about 5% of my PBNs outside of WordPress. Some of these I build in Static HTML only. So this is an advantage & an ideal situation where you can use Static HTML blogs in your network.

The other advantages of using these WordPress to Static html conversions. Is that is makes your WP site much more secure, load faster and less likely to get hacked. I do not have any problems with WordPress sites getting hacked, as I use the best security plugins & my hosting keeps all my plugins and WP installs up to date automatically.

This type of Static conversion is more suited for a main website. Building out a Private Blog Network using this type of service, is really silly and will increase your risk of you getting your PBNs busted! So please, just do not do it!

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