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Your system says my domain name is not a domain name, Why?

Domain not valid

In rare cases when trying to add a domain inside our dashboard. You may see an error message ‘ is not a domain name’. There are very limited reason you will get this and I want to explain them below.

Reasons and causes that will produce this error text.

  1. You have entered the domain name in incorrect format. Be careful when copying and pasting them in. For our DNS & CDN services to properly deploy. We need to check the domain is correct from the very start. So if you enter it with the wrong format. Our system will reject it. Examples of wrong format are entering it with captial e.g. or Another example is putting it with wrong format like this: mydomain-com instead of and also putting in white space or any spaces in the domain name e.g my All of these format issue will result in that error. So be sure you enter your domain name carefully and if you get this error. Then type it again from the start carefully.
  2. We also check the domain whois to ensure the domain is real and active. If not the CDN services will reject it. So we check it first. Furthermore, our AI also scans for previous history and data. Sometimes, depending on your domain registrar. It can take a little while for a domain registration to populate around the net and to the Whois. Its very rare you will encounter this. But if you get this error and have recently registered the domain or made some updates to it at the registrar end. This is most likely why. So just leave it a short while and add it again. You can check the whois yourself and if its not showing as registered then you know this is the reason. Check your domain whois information here.

These are the only reasons why we would reject the domain. If you get this error & you need us to look at it for you. Just drop us a support ticket from inside your Dashboard and we will take a look for you asap of course.

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