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Do you have site grouping functions to better manage my PBN sites?

We understand that as your network grows. You may need to group your PBN websites in our dashboard for ease of management. So we have added a very useful feature to our PBN hosting to assist you with this.

Included inside our dashboard. Is the ability to create groups. Here is a screenshot of it.

Screenshot of the Groups function.

You can create an unlimited amount of website groups. You can then assign any of your PBN domains to a group. You will also be able to filter the main dashboard list, to show any of these groups as needed. This will give you much better control, easy grouping options and the ability to quickly access any of those groups.

You can create a group based on any criteria you need. For example. You could create them by customer, their niche, what money sites the PBN links go out to and anything else you need. Here at PBN.LTD we know how time consuming it can be to manage your pbns. So we are constantly adding new functions, that are designed to make your life easier. And save you time. I am very sure you will find this site grouping function to be very useful. Especially as your network grows.

Any feature that speeds up the management process. Allows you to quickly review the PBN domains in that group and more. Is only going to help you. Not only save time. But keep better control of your network as it grows. Moreover, it will also save you even more time, by no longer needing to keeping external records. Our PBN websites grouping function, is one of these features. You are most certainly going to find it very useful indeed. That I am sure of.

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