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Do you have Automatic Google Indexing Checks for all my PBN websites.

Automatic google index check for PBN websites

Yes we most certainly do! At no extra costs to our customers, we run Google indexing checks on all their PBN websites hosted with us.

The way our automatic indexing checks work, is like this:

  1. The check runs when you first add the domain to our dashboard.
  2. It will then run once per week thereafter.

This will give you the peace of mind needed, knowing that we are keeping an eye on the index status of your PBN domains, even whilst you sleep! If for any reason your PBN site drops out the index. We will send you an email to notify you right away. Moreover, this will ensure you waste no time investigating the situation.

Remember sometimes there are reasons that a site may drop out the index. So its important to always monitor the indexing status of your PBN Websites. Furthermore, if your building on expired PBN domains or those that have not been used for a while. Its important that you are checking to see they index back up okay.

There are many things that can go wrong with a website to cause it to drop out the index. PBN sites are more at risk, because very often they are not getting regular attention or daily monitoring. Like a money site would be getting for example. So having their indexing monitored is an essential thing. It could be something as simple as a WordPress Plugin automatic update. That causes some site issue. Therefore, it could drop out the index without you realising it. It does and can happen to even the most seasoned webmasters.

Our automatic indexing checks of PBN websites is most certainly a very welcome function for everyone. It provides total indexing checks on auto-pilot. One less thing for you to have to worry about or spend time checking. As your PBN network grows, managing it becomes much easier with automated functions. Such as this one and others we provide to our customers.

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