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Do you provide email for every domain?

Email accounts

As standard with all your PBN hosting accounts. We do not provide a full email service. I will explain to you here, what type of mail service we provide and also what other options we make a available to you. As having a full email on all your PBN domains is very possible.

What is the default solution?

As standard we provide a unique way for you receive all form mail that is entered on your PBN websites. When you add your domain to our dashboard. You are asked to enter a feedback email address. Is it to this address, that all your form mail is forwarded. It is forwarded in a headless manner. Therefore, ensuring that no footprint whatsoever is created. Because it is forwarded without footprints, it does not contain the headers most email providers would expect. Although this wont effect it being delivered, you may find it ends up in your spam folder and you need to whitelist the sender to prevent this from happening.

What if that is not enough for my needs. What else can you do for me?

To be honest. For a normal PBN site, that is usually more than enough. But if you need fully functioning email for your domains. Then we can provide the following solutions.

Option 1: Use a 3rd party mail solution & we will enter the MX records for you.

You can use 3rd party mx solutions. You can read more about how to add MX records to your domains here.

Option 2: Free @domain email boxes.

We can provide you with free unlimited 10GB mail boxes, at no additional costs. These come complete with email forwarders, unlimited @domain email addresses and catch all accounts etc. They also have fully accessible webmail, smtp and Imap access.

They are set up on a separate mail server and you will be given a separate email control panel login. Where you can manage every element of your domains Email accounts.

In order to request these. Please just put in a support ticket requesting it. We will then manually set them up for and send you the details needed to access it.