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How to fix SSO when you migrate a website to our PBN hosting yourself.

WordPress admin automatic login

Our automatic login to your WordPress dashboard is built in to our deployed version of WordPress. Which is automatically installed when you add your domain. You can access your WordPress admin in one click for every website you have with us.

Clicking the spanner icon next to your website, will automatically login you in to the WordPress Admin.

However, if you move a website in yourself e.g. Migrate it from another hosting provider. Or if you upload and extract a pre-packaged template or similar. You will overwrite our default WordPress install. This will in 90% of situations stop the automatic WordPress admin login function working inside of our dashboard.

So in these situations when you click the spanner icon in our dashboard (see screenshot above) or click the login to admin link. It wont work anymore.

How you fix it in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Screen shot below for reference of the following steps.

An example of how to create your backup and the expanded menu.

From inside our dashboard main overview screen. Click on the domain name you require. It will open the main functions screen for that domain.

Navigate to the Backups tab – your screen will now look like the screen shot above.

Then click the cog icon in the top right corner, to reveal the menu items. In this menu click on the ‘Create backup’ option.

This will now manually create a backup of that site in our system. Wait for it to complete and then move to step 2 below.

Step 2 – Screen shot below for reference of the following steps.

So now you have a complete backup of that site. You simply locate it and next to it is a set of three buttons. You want to click the middle button – in the image below its the grey button with the play symbol on it.

This will restore the backup of your website and bring in the missing core files that where removed or overwritten when you extracted the website on our servers.

Buttons to restore your backups
Close up of the three buttons next to your backups in our dashboard.
Screen shot of the backups overview screen

Now you will see that your one click WordPress admin access is fully restored and working again 🙂

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