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How to power up your PBN

Power up your PBN

Getting maximum power from your PBN is essential if you want to achieve top rankings. There are some well tested tips & tricks that I want to share with you. Therefore, helping you to give your PBN the ultimate power up.

I have already given you some tips on how to maintain maximum link juice when building your PBN sites. So providing you have followed this best practice. You are already in good position to squeeze even more power out of them.

Power up Tip 1 – Inner Page Links

You can push the power & popularity of your main PBN domains. By placing new high quality, high TF (Trust Flow) links to the actual domain it’s self. This will ensure that the the sites popularity in the eyes of Google doesn’t lessen. In my own working experience & in my many experiments on this factor. This is one thing that really will help pass more power.

Moreover, increasing the PBN domains LRD (Linking Root Domains), whilst keeping TF high. Will help increase the overall power of the domain in any event. So this is a real win win power boost for your rankings.

It is also very important to remember. That your PBN sites should not have all the links to their Home Pages. If you are adding new blog categories &/or inner pages to your PBNs. Then you need to ensure you are getting some link juice to those as well. If not the sites will not score well on the quality front. And it is possible the penguin algorithm will actually not like your Home pages. Therefore, even if all the SEO stats for the site look good. They will not be passing the power they should be. In fact I have proven in my research that they could actually hurt your SEO & ranking efforts.

Remember in all of this. That Google’s massive algorithm changes. Were designed primarily to stop short cuts & fast rankings. So if you are building PBNs that are low quality & with link juice not properly distributed throughout the websites. Then you are not going to be getting the best power from them. That is not a guess, it is a fact I have researched, studied and tested extensively.

Ok, So how do you get these links to power up & distribute the link juice around your PBN sites?

There are for sure many ways in which you can get high quality links to power up your PBNs. Here are my two favourite ways to achieve this to the Home Pages & to inners pages.

Power up new & inner pages to ensure you are getting a natural link distributions throughout your PBNs. Is an essential element and you should never overlook this.

The best way to get these links is to these internal pages and posts. Is to smartly use SEO Software. There is no better one to use than Ranker X. Without any doubt this is the ultimate, more reliable & highest quality SEO software to be using. Furthermore, as the main work is done on their servers. You do not need to purchase a separate VPS. You will need proxies of course. I would highly recommend you use Squid Proxies for these.

Best practice for using Ranker x to boost your PBNs.

Using Ranker X SEO software you are able to safely build power up links to your inner pages. Just make sure you do not spam the hell out of your PBNs! Instead go lightly on it, vary the footprints/types of links you are building to each site. You can for example build 20/30 Bookmarks to one post. Then for the next post you can use 5/7 high quality blogs with tier 2/3’s built behind them. Then the next post a combination of these with some web 2.0 profiles thrown in. Doing it this way will keep you safe, have best effect and not damage the sites in any way. Instead it will give you a big power boost whilst maintaining or even increasing your TF! Make sure you run each campaign over 21/30 days – do not run it all in one day!

Also if you do it lightly and sensible. You will not need so much content for the campaigns to run effectively. Therefore, it is not only safer, but quicker also. You do not want to produce a large number of backlinks with spammy spun content or otherwise duplicate rubbish. So you are better to do it safely, sensible and build a few high quality backlinks only. Resist the temptation to build 100’s of backlinks at a time. It is not clever & it is not sensible. Doing it my way, as suggested here. Will result in the best ranking boosts for your PBNs inner pages. As well as ensuring it all stays Google safe and last for the long term. I am not interested in short term rankings & neither should you be!

Getting decent content to use in your Ranker X Campaigns.

If you need content for Ranker X campaigns. Then I would recommend you try out Article Forge content creation. It can create content that is more than good enough for this purpose. It can even be used as filler content on your PBNs themselves. You just need to ensure you get the keyword usage correct on there. If not you will get junky content. So make sure you play around with it. But trust me, if you get the keywords used to build the content correct. Then it works like a pro really! Being a massive time & cost saving way to create content for SEO use.

Ranker x also integrates the API of article forge. So you can create and download content directly in to Ranker x for using your campaigns. A massive bonus with our cheap PBN hosting. Because unlike others, our platform is completely compatible with Ranker X! So you can add all or some of your PBNs directly in to their software. This means you are able to generate content and post it directly to your PBNs hosted with us! Of course you can also create the backlink campaigns to it as well. This is a massive management, cost saving & time saving way. To power up and add new content to your PBNs!

You can also use a high quality campaign to boost the power of a PBN domains Homepage from time to time. But it will really make the biggest difference when used on your inner pages/posts & category pages.

Remember to use internal links in your inner pages to drive some of that link juice your adding. Back to the Home page or other important pages you have outbound links to money sites in. Do not just use internal links to these pages. Keep it looking natural and spread the link juice around fully. Therefore, ensuring your PBN site is gaining quality & trust in every part of it. The overall site score is very important. It will increase the overall value of every link you take out of it, trust me!

Power up Tip 2 – Home Page Links

Now assuming you are building your PBNs correctly. With outbound links to your money sites on the home page of your PBN. As this is where they really should be! And that you are making the content of these pages the same topic as the website you are wanting to rank. Then you can now power up the Home page to make those links super powerful and crush your competition in the rankings!

Here I am going to tell you exactly how I do this & how I get my clients websites to the very top of Google for some of hardest and most competitive keywords in the world! Remember my previous comments, regarding the importance of making sure you do not just build links to the Home page of your PBNs. The same occurs to your money sites SEO as well of course. Before you start building these home page links I speak of below. Make sure you have spread the link juice to your inner pages as mentioned above. If not you will damage your ranking efforts and you will not get the results you want!

When you brought your PBN domains. You should of already selected a PBN domain with the best metrics and links to its Home Page anyway. So it is natural to start with building links to the inner pages. Once that has been done or at least partially done. You can now directly target the home page or where needed, inner pages that have the direct outbound links to the website you are wanting to rank (known as your Money site).

Best links to build to the pages that link out to your main websites to super charge the ranking effect.

If you want to supercharge your PBNs. Moreover, the ranking effects they will have on your main websites. Then the best links to place to those PBNs are other strong PBN links. But they do not need to be the best. Let me explain.

Very often when searching for PBN domains. You will find many decent domains that maybe have the TF or DR your looking for. But they lack the most important element. That being the amount of Linking Root Domains (LRD). So they are not really suitable for first tier linking that will have a link directly to your money site(s). But they have a great use!

You can use them to supercharge your main PBN domains and pass high quality juice & trust flow to them. Which in turn, will really boost your rankings and make the links you place out of them even more powerful!

So here is what I do and believe me it works a real treat & has a massive positive effect on rankings. I take between 3 & 7 of these high TF, but lower LRD domains. I put a basic website on them. Very often I use Static HTML for a large part of them. Then I link to the PBN domains that have the exact match anchors that link out to the site I want to rank. It works best when you do it this way, as super charging those exact links will have the biggest effect on your rankings.

It is very important that these sub PBN sites as I call them. Have content that is on the same topic as the PBN your linking to. As this PBN should have the same topic as the money site it is linking to already. So we create a little topic flow down though the whole site structure. Furthermore, it is very important in these Sub PBN sites, you use the same exact match anchor as the PBN you are linking to has in it’s link to the money site.

I have drawn a diagram below so you can visualise all of what I have said in the previous paragraph.

Diagram of SUB PBN powerup method

Using this Sub PBN powerful method. Will rocket your rankings and give your main PBNs the ultimate supercharge! If you do not want to build this yourself. Then you can buy some good quality PBN links. But you really need to ensure your buying from a highly reputable seller. Whose PBN network is well secured. One that actually vets and monitors the sites links are being sold for. Like we do! Therefore, we ensure that any links we sell are not going to be poisoned by people buying shitty links and putting any risk to the matter.

If you buy from these ‘pay me and I will place your links’ type of sellers. You will be creating a very high risk. Only buy the links to boost your PBNs if your really certain the seller is the best of the best. If not then do not risk it, no matter how cost effective and easy it may seem. You want long term rankings after all! So really it is always best to build these sub domains yourself. They do not need much maintenance either. So they are not time intensive. You can keep the sites basic & there is no need to maintain them. Just keep an eye to ensure their quality doesn’t drop. If it does, just swap the domain for another and move on.

Other little useful tips that are worth a mention.

With any PBN it is always important to monitor your domains. Ensuring that no high quality links are dropping off them & lowing the quality of your domains. So make sure you monitor them closely. If you do loose any important links. You can use the above methods to power the PBN domain back up as needed.

Also when building your main website. Not only is it essential to build it correctly to properly receive the links of course. But you can also consider buying a high quality PBN domain that suits your brand & topic. Then build your website on this domain from the start. Just like with a PBN domain, you will get all the benefits of existing link juice. Personally I use ‘never before dropped PBN domains’ e.g. Auction domains & not expired ones for money site builds. They have more juice to the inner pages, which can be rebuilt and manipulated cleverly. Then you can use your PBNs to push the inner pages & home page of your main website. Which will result in a much faster ranking overall. Just make sure you pick the domain wisely and check it extensively!

Using these types of domains as a 301 is a complicated matter now. I would not advise you do it. I have ran many tests with 301’s in recent years. The results are not dependable enough to count on it. So I would personally not go down this route now.

As always, if you need any help and advice on anything I have mentioned here. Please remember that all our customers are entitled to free SEO advice. I will happily assist you with any of these things. Check things for you, advise you and generally do what I can based on my own extensive success and knowledge. Just get in touch & ask me!

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