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How to change the URL of your website after you have added it to our Hosting

Change the url of your WordPress website

As I have previously explained. Its extremely important to keep the strongest URL for your PBN domains in tact. There is no point just creating a new URL e.g. with Https:// when you do not need to. As you want to create powerful backlinks.

Sometimes its easy to add the domain to our PBN hosting platform using the wrong URL structure. For example, you may add it without the www. But later realise this was the strongest path. And want to change it. As our hosting is not the same as traditional hosting. Where as you may just update it in the WordPress admin.

We have provided a feature to allow you to change the URL structure in one simple step. Without loosing any of your data or website content! Changing it this way, ensures you do not break anything in the system. After all its a very complexed beast. There are many things happening behind your hosting account. Which ensures you are not leaving any footprints.

What can this feature change exactly?

It can change any part of your URL structure. As well as adding or removing the SSL feature (https).

How do I use this Feature?

From Inside our dashboard.

  1. You simple click on the name of the domain you want to change the URL structure for.
  2. You are then taken to the Domain actions screen.
  3. Click the cog menu in the top right hand corner. To load the context menu.
  4. Select option > Edit Site.
  5. The pop up will then appear with the site details. As seen in the screen shot below.
  6. On this screen you can edit all the site details. Including the URL path. Adding/removing the www.. And adding or removing the Https. When you select these features. Your URL structure is automatically changed.
  7. When you have finished making the edits you want to make. Click the ‘SAVE’ button. That is it all done 🙂
Changing the URL of your PBN website
Screen shot of the feature inside our Dashboard.

Extra Hint to change the entire domain!

You can also change the entire domain of your website. Preserving all existing data, posts and images etc.

In order to do this. Just follow the steps about and where you see the option: DOMAIN > Simply enter your new domain in that box & click save. This will change the entire domain for your website. Without any loosing any data!

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