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Why our PBN Hosting is the safest place to host your PBN websites

Safest PBN hosting for your PBN websites

Its very important that you understand the principals of our PBN hosting and how it works. Only then can you properly understand why we are the safest place you can be hosting your PBN sites. I will start by highlighting some of the key points and functions of our hosting platform.

No Dirty IP’s or Bad Neighbourhoods with our PBN Hosting.

There seems to be a very bad understanding of the best practices for hiding your PBNs. With many thinking the best way to do it use the old, outdated & high-risk separate c-class hosting technique. Whereby you host each of your PBN websites on a separate IP. This method is best compared to pre-Google Penguin days when we all built exact match anchor text backlinks for fun. Of course, today that technique will get your site eaten alive. Well separate IP hosting is from the same era and it is very dangerous to be using in the modern PBN era!

If you do not know what a Dirty IP or bad neighbourhood is. Let me explain the simple definition to you.

A Dirty IP: This is an IP that is used by one or more people (So this includes both dedicated & shared IP’s) for the purposes that is against Google or other search engine guidelines. This IP is known to be spammy, PBN or otherwise negative to the search engines. It could have had sites hosted on it previously that have received manual penalties, are known PBN sites or have been de-indexed etc. These IP’s are dirty, and you should never put your website on them!

A Bad Neighbourhood: This is when your PBN websites (and/or backlinks) are coming from IP’s and networks (e.g. an entire hosting company) that are known to the search engines as being extremely spammy, dirty or otherwise connected to links used aggressively to game them. Putting your websites in these neighbourhoods automatically brings them under scrutiny and makes them distrusted.

You are always risking Dirty IP’s and very bad neighbourhoods for your PBN sites, when you are hosting them on what is coined as separate A/B/C-Class IPS – be it shared or dedicated IP’s.

To understand this further; Please read more about C-Class IP hosting and why you should avoid it in my relevant post. Since I wrote that post, I also wrote another one about why separate IPs are not enough to keep your PBN safe, please try to read this one as well!

Why using our PBN hosting service avoids this risk.

Instead of using static IP’s to serve your PBN websites from. We do something much smarter. Your websites are hidden in the cloud, using the DNS & dynamic IPs of gigantic web providers. These include, but are not limited to: Amazon, CloudDNS, CloudFlare, Microsoft Azure and many more.

When a user or more importantly, when Google crawls your website. It will be served exclusively from their dynamic IPs. Totally masking the origin server and IP. So now your sites are using the dynamic IP’s of the biggest and best neighbourhoods in the world. It is impossible to have a dirty IP or bad neighbourhood when you host with us. Instead you get your PBN websites next to millions of real world non SEO/PBN websites. Where better to hide them, than right out in the open!

There are further advantages to this as well. Including such things as:

  1. Massive security enhancements for your PBN sites & the WordPress CMS in general.
  2. Speed of your websites is massively stepped up. Making them easy and better to crawl. Which means your PBN links get lapped up even quicker. New websites & posts get indexed better as well.
  3. Your website always looks like it has a local IP. As it will be served from the closest datacentre to the search engines visiting it. So, there is no need to be buying local IP’s. As you get millions of local IPs automatically from us for no extra charge.
  4. There are absolutely no footprints on the IP side at all. Nothing to worry about and absolute piece of mind.

Think about it in a common-sense manner. What do you think is easier for Google to detect?

  1. A website that is hosted on one IP that is shared with other PBN websites or limited number of sites in general.
  2. A website that is used only for SEO/PBN and is the only site on that IP. As is the case when using dedicated IP’s.
  3. Or your website hosted with us, on dynamic IP’s that are hosting millions of real websites totally not connected to SEO or PBN!

Of course, it goes without saying, that from just the IP perspective alone. Sites hosted on our PBN platform are tons safer than if hosted elsewhere!

Other Footprints are automatically removed and balanced.

Of course, the IP is just one part of the hosting footprints you need to be worried about. So, we take care of all of them as well. There are many things that need to be considered, when it comes to keeping your PBN sites hosted safely. Our platform automatically takes care of all these as well. Not just the IPs and neighbourhoods. This is only one part of it. We do not overlook the rest, unlike others!

We do not want to spill our industry secrets that keeps our client’s websites safe and indexed. But I will explain, that behind our hosting platform is AI driven technology based on the biggest PBN website data in the world. This data is exclusive to us and spans back nearly 20 years.

Unlike other PBN hosting providers. We do not just remove every footprint and say its Footprint free. They remove so much they create a footprint! What we do is balance your footprints inline with best PBN practices automatically. Therefore, ensuring that your sites are truly hosted without footprints! Giving them the most natural hosting profile, you will ever get! I know for a matter of fact, that I have the only truly footprint free PBN hosting solution there is. If you care about your investment, time, and Private blog networks. Then you must ensure its hosted with us on our next generation AI driven hosting platform. As there is nowhere better, cheaper, or safer to host it!

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